SHARK ATTACK II (2000) Reviews and overview



‘In the deep blue sea, there lives a dark secret.’

Shark Attack II is a 2000 action horror film about mutant Great White sharks terrorising the waters around Cape Town; the sharks are the result of Doctor Craven’s experiments in Shark Attack. Promoted as Shark Attack 2

Directed by David Worth (Hazard Jack; House at the End of the Drive; Shark Attack 3: Megalodon; Warrior of the Lost World; Poor Pretty Eddie) from a screenplay co-written by Scott Devine (Shark Attack 3: Megalodon; Shark Attack) and William Hooke (Shark Attack 3: Megalodon; Shark Attack).

Produced by Marlow De Mardt, Danny Lerner, Brigid Olen and David Varod (Bulgaria).

The movie stars Thorsten Kaye, Nikita Ager, Dan Metcalfe, Caroline Bruins, Danny Keogh, Warrick Grier, Ian Jepson and Andrew Klazinga.



“This is probably the low point of the three S. A. films, however, it’s kinda fun to watch cause it’s so damn funny […] Some crocodile hunter dude is brought in as ‘the expert’ and brings more fodder for the shark to kill […] it’s all pretty silly and bad, but you can get wasted and have fun with this one. A few good deaths in the ocean help…”

“Despite the wooden cast and rip off plotting, Shark Attack 2 actually ends up being kind of a better movie than its predecessor. It’s still hammy and incredibly dumb but it’s also pretty good fun.” The Craggus

” …the entire Water World plotline is lifted from Jaws 3, in which Sea World makes a splash by exhibiting the only great white shark in captivity. As you may remember, Sea World’s manager also hired a foreign shark hunter who was crazy about high TV ratings. What I don’t understand about any of this is, why would you rip off Jaws 3???” The Creature Feature Bleachers


Shark Attack 2 is a typical low-budget actioner, filmed in Bulgaria and South Africa to capitalize on more prominent shark movies, as evidenced by the film’s tagline, “In the deep blue sea, there lives a dark secret.” Laughably inept, it’s good for a few giggles, but only the most die-hard shark aficionado will want to own this one.” Digitally Obsessed

“As subtle as a kick in the pants. Utterly no concept of suspense. Grossly unoriginal without the benefit of even being amusing — intentionally, or otherwise.” DVD Talk

“Sure, it possesses many of the qualities (poor acting, dialogue, no real characters) that make Shark Attack 3 outrageously bad, but this one is content to just be a bit of a bore. Though it’s only 90 minutes long, it feels twice as long as watching the entire Jaws series in succession. It plods along with its two lifeless leads.” Oh, the Horror!

“It has a fast-paced structure, an ambitious script, for what it is, but a generic cast, a bunch of lame transitions, and other editing mishaps. Easy on the crossfades, pal! You’re ruining a perfectly watchable film! Shark Attack 2 is no Deep Blue Sea, but it has considerable production value. We spend a lot of time in deep water, underwater, on the beach, and everywhere sharks are found.” Tales of Terror


Choice dialogue:

Roy Bishop [Dan Metcalfe]: “What do you call an indiscriminate thing that kills? A murderer!”

Cast and characters:

Thorsten Kaye … Doctor Nick Harris
Nikita Ager … Samantha Peterson
Dan Metcalfe … Roy Bishop (as Daniel Alexander)
Caroline Bruins … Amy Peterson
Danny Keogh … Michael Francisco
Rob van Vuuren … Daryl Waker (as Robert Van Vuuren)
Warrick Grier … Morton
Ian Jepson … Jeff
Andrew Klazinga … Matt
Alistair Bairnsfather-Cloete … Tom Miller (as Alstair Cloete)
Morné Visser … Mark Miller
Mark Derman … Kenny
Peter Butler … Mayor Shandu
Sean Higgs … T.J.
Rory Atkinson … Hootie
Anton Voster … Pierson
Stephen Fry … Chuck
Eben Swanepoel … Newman
Sean Cameron Michael … News Anchor Man (as Sean Michaels)

Filming locations:

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Sofia, Bulgaria

Technical details:

98 minutes
Audio: Stereo
Aspect ratio: 1.78: 1


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