GIANT PYTHON aka PYTHON ISLAND (2021) Review, free to watch online and now on US DVD

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‘Prepare for the hiss of death’
Giant Python is a 2021 fantasy monster movie about a magic tree, a mega snake and a forbidden island where intruders are eaten alive. The US title is Python Island

Directed by Zhang Dicai [aka Zhangdi Cai] (Monty Python; Monty Python 2), from a screenplay written by Chen Taixia. The Chinese production stars Yue Dongfeng, Shao Five and Tan Li Min.

In a village where snake-catching is the livelihood of most of the local populace, a magical tree grew. Because of the tree’s benevolence, it saved one small snake from the villagers and named it “Little Flower”.

Many years later, Xiaoshu has become a biological researcher, exploring the secrets of genes. Unfortunately, his colleagues with ulterior motives use the power of the magical tree to break into a forbidden area by ​​the snake-catching village: the island where intruders are eaten alive. The island is filled with moisture, quietness and weirdness, and it seems there are eyes everywhere; staring at every move made by intruders…


There are good ideas in this one and some good acting (albeit dubbed into English), so it’s not a waste […] A silly film that can be fun when it isn’t melodramatic. It’s a decent time-waster, especially since it still isn’t even 90 minutes.” Mondo Bizarro

In the US, ITN released the movie on DVD on October 4, 2022, as Python Island.

Original title:
巨兽狂蟒 ‘Behemoth Anaconda”

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Full film – free to watch online [no English subtitles, alas]:

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