LAST SHOOT OUT (2021) Preview of Western movie



‘His aim is unrivalled’

Last Shoot Out is a 2021 American Western film about a newlywed who flees her husband leading to a showdown at a remote outpost.

Directed and produced by Michael Feifer (Catch the Bullet; Shooting Star; The Desperate Riders; The Siege at Rykers Station; Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield) from a screenplay written by Lee Martin.


Soon after newlywed Jocelyn (Skylar Witte) learns that her husband Jody (Michael Welch) had her father shot down, she flees from the Callahan ranch in fear. She’s rescued by the gunman Billy Tyson, who safeguards her at a remote outpost as he staves off Jody’s attempts to reclaim his bride…



In the US, Lionsgate will release Last Shoot Out theatrically on select locations and On-Demand on December 3rd, 2021.

Cast and characters:

Brock Harris … Billy
Skylar Witte … Jocelyn Miller Callahan
Peter Sherayko … Red
Jay Pickett … Twigs
David DeLuise … Joe
Caia Coley … Eloise
Brock Burnett … Potts
Keikilani Grune … Nellie Rhyker
Jerry Bestpitch … Hal
Larry Poole … Wiley
Ardeshir Radpour … Hardy
Kevin McNiven … Chauncy
Bruce Dern
Cam Gigandet

Working title:

The Siege at Rykers Station


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