THE MISSING (2021) Chinese Bigfoot action thriller – with six clips!



The Missing is a 2021 Chinese action monster movie about researchers investigating disappearances related to a Bigfoot-type creature.

Directed by Tong Hui from a screenplay written by Wuling Fei. The movie stars Luo Liqun, Ming Kai, Wang Xuelu and Yang Ke.


Li Kun was an excellent Sanda athlete. He was banned for life for assaulting a drugs tester. Since then, he has been sluggish. He has survived by being a human sandbag, and his relationship with his wife has also dropped to a freezing point, and he will be on the verge of divorce.


At this time, Yi’s wife and daughter had an accident while driving in the mountains. His wife was seriously injured and her daughter mysteriously disappeared. The decadent Li Kun cheered up and went into the mountains to find his daughter. After entering the mountain, Li Kun was accidentally captured by the scientific expedition team led by Zhang Ye.

Knowing that there was a mysterious creature in the forest, and the disappearance of his daughter was probably directly related to the savages, he asked Zhang Ye for help. The group reached an alliance, but each had ghosts, and finally worked together to catch the savage.


Meanwhile, the kind-hearted female researcher found that Zhang Ye had bad intentions and wanted to sell the savage for profit. At the same time, Zhang Ye’s claws also extended to those who had lost their value. Li Kun and others worked together to rescue the savage, fight against Zhang Ye, finally rescue their daughter, and bring the criminals to justice. After this battle, Li Kun finally understood that the most important thing in life is always his family…

Original title:

荒野寻踪 aka Tonghui “Wilderness Hunting”

Technical details:

80 minutes

Clip 1:

Clip 2:

Clip 3:

Clip 4:

Clip 5:

Clip 6:

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