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‘The mystery is finally revealed’

Bermuda Tentacles is a 2014 American science fiction film about a storm that sends Air Force One down over the Bermuda Triangle. The US Navy sends its best rescue team. But in saving the president, the team awakens a monster that threatens America’s entire Eastern Seaboard and, ultimately, the world.

Directed by Nick Lyon (Earthtastrophe; Isle of the Dead; Rise of the Zombies; Zombie Apocalypse; Bermuda Triangle North Sea; Species: The Awakening) from a screenplay written by Geoff Meed (Asteroid-a-Geddon; Atlantic Rim: Resurrection; Hold Your Breath; The Amityville Haunting; I Am Omega; Universal Soldiers). Produced by Paul Bales and David Michael Latt.

The M.O.B. Movies production stars Trevor Donovan, Linda Hamilton (The Terminator franchise), Mya, John Savage and Jamie Kennedy.



“Expectations for bad moviemaking are met […] The visual effects show potential but are far too limited and poorly delivered to really make the movie a spectacle […] Every visual effects shot simply yanks the viewer out of whatever tiny semblance of intensity the film may have built up beforehand.”

“The biggest flaw of Bermuda Tentacles is that it tries to take itself seriously, which makes no sense because it’s about tentacles! There is more, but again, no spoilers for this “great” script. With a bit more cheese instead of seriousness, this film could have been a hoot. However, as it stands, it’s pretty bland on all accounts.” Cinefessions

“There’s very poor dialogue, no character development, some laughably bad CGI and only a couple of non-descript sets; all the building interiors look the same and submarines look like airplanes which look like boats. It’s played seriously, not for laughs, but there’s little to care about.” Down Among the “Z” Movies

” …answers the burning question of what would happen if you tossed Deep RisingThe AbyssIndependence Day, and Battleship into a great big movie blender and made a sound and fury, signifying nothing smoothie. The action may be non-stop, but everything else is non-start. An assembly line product, first; a motion picture production, second.” Dread Central


” …bad CGI, terrible acting, repetitive action and nonsensical nonsense was something I had built up a tolerance for […]  these things are now front and center and mask all of the good that this movie has to offer. The good?  Linda Hamilton being pissed off all the time […] Or the actors in the sub pretending to be bounced around like an old episode of Star Trek…” Film Critics United

“The acting on display here isn’t great, with everyone stuck belting out cliches from the script (written by Geoff Meed). The direction from Nick Lyon is barely okay, and that’s me being kind. The whole movie is just a bit of a mess, starting off at a quick pace and then having to tread water, no pun intended, for the next hour or so.” For It Is Man’s Number

” …there’s a lot of reasonably competent digital effects supporting what should (I repeat, should) be an intriguing pulp Sci-Fi sort of story.  I mean, aliens, giant monsters, commandos, how can you go wrong But I think we all know the answer to that one.” Rivets on the Poster

“Special effects are on the Asylum level good, acceptable for TV-movie but still far from normal budget movies. Some of the action scenes look the best that The Asylum has ever made. On the other hand stock footage combined with the alien effects does not fully work. The dialogue is silly and most of the characters are generic.” Shameless Pile of Stuff

Cast and characters (in credits order):

Trevor Donovan … Chief Trip Oliver
Linda Hamilton … Admiral Linda Hansen
Mya Harrison … Lt. Plummer
John Savage … President DeSteno
Jamie Kennedy … Doctor Zimmer
Jair Burgos … Bravo Soldier
Richard Whiten … Lt. Commander Barclay
Ricco Ross … Captain Phillips
Jeff Rector … Captain Warren
Robert Blanche … Captain Dave Williams
Angelique Cinelu … Ensign
Justin Cuomo … Alex Preacher
Luke White … Stephen Hondo
Stephanie Cantu … Rivas
Darren Anthony Thomas … Greg Elfman
Craig Blair … C.P.O. Vincent
Andy Clemence … General Briggs
Howard Dell … Arthur Jackson
Tiffany Pulvino … Lt. Greene
Regi Davis … Gunnery Sargeant
Joe Sabatino … Leary
Graham Clarke … Quartermaster
Marcus Shirock … Captain Haynes
Blanca Blanco … Natalie, the President’s Chief Aide
Dan Coyle … Hendrix

Filming locations:

Aviation Warehouse, El Mirage, California
Studio 53, Burbank, California
USS Iowa BB-61, San Pedro, California

Technical details:

89 minutes
Audio: Dolby Digital
Aspect ratio: 1.78: 1


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