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Hellblazers is a 2022 American horror film about a satanic cult focused on unleashing Hell on Earth by conjuring up a demon. It is up to the inhabitants of a small town nearby to fend off the evil entity.

Written and directed by Justin Lee (The Most Dangerous Game; Hunters; Final Kill; ManeaterA Reckoning; Big Legend).

The movie stars
Billy Zane – The Believer; Ghosts of War; Bloodrayne; Demon Knight
Meg Foster – Overlord; The Lords of Salem; The Wind
Adrienne Barbeau – Gates of Darkness; Swamp Thing; The Fog
Bruce Dern – Ravage; Freaks; Swamp Devil; The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant
Tony Todd – Stoker Hills; Tales from the Hood 3; Final Destination; Candyman
Courtney Gains – Corbin Nash; King Cobra; Children of the Corn 1984
Mike Ferguson – Amityville Uprising; Triassic Hunt; The Devil’s Heist
John KassirSmothered; Ritual; Bordello of Blood; Demon Knight
Plus Danielle Gross, Edward Finlay, Ed Morrone, Paige Sturges and Devin Reeve.


Our capsule review:
The ‘small town’ is obviously just a movie set, dialogue scenes tend to be a little protracted, the framing can be wonky, there are some cliched characters and the ‘demon’ has a cheap-looking headpiece. Oh, and there are some awful electronic ditties.

Yet, for all its minor faults, Hellblazers is enjoyably cheesy fun and has a great cast of decent actors and agreeable characters. It’s free to watch on Tubi so worth a watch if expectations are kept in check.
Adrian J Smith, MOVIES and MANIA

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Other reviews:

“Director and writer Justin Lee has excelled at making movies with monsters in them. This one has a great demon — you barely see it but when you do, it’s quite incredible […] Sure, VFW and The Void did this before and better, but if Tubi is now our video store, this is certainly not a bad film to grab…” B&S About Movies

” …it’s a good time and can be enjoyed by any horror movie fan, even those who are not big horror fans will find that the movie is well-rounded and made for a broad audience […] The movie shows the good old-fashioned sense that when faced with adversity a small town can come together in the face of anything […] quite enjoyable…” Horror Facts

“The script can be smart and it can be juvenile. Having many glorified cameos creates more confusion than value for the average moviegoer, but buffs will appreciate the initiative. It has a great presentation; good photography, superior acting, and a lot of random sh*t the right audience will appreciate…” Tales of Terror


“The practical effects range from old-school awesomeness to fun bad and are often packaged with ambitious kill scenes. It’s a movie with a shit-ton of apparent genre-love injected into it, and it got a few out-loud chuckles from me. It will not blow your mustache off, but the cheesed-out horror-comedy is solid entertainment.” Video Religion


Hellblazers is like VFW with the battleground expanded a bit and the drug “mutants” replaced with a satanic cult and their pet demon. It’s a group of ageing genre vets taking a stand and proving they can still kick some serious @ss. And even at sixty-eight Tony Todd still swings a mean sledgehammer […] it’s an enjoyable film…” Voices from the Balcony


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