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Snake 3: Dinosaur vs. Python is a 2022 giant monster movie that continues the fearsome events that occurred in Snake (2018) and Snake 2 (2019).

Written and directed by Lin Zhenzhao (Restart the Earth; Junkrat Train; The Enchanting Phantom; Snakes 2; Monkey King: The Volcano; Snakes; Pen Fairy vs. Sadako).

The Chinese movie stars Chen Zihan, Luo Liqun (The Missing; Chang’an Fog Monster; Strange Battle), Li Ruoxi, Zhong Lei and Yue Dongfeng.

A construction team is blindly developing the deserted island, which alerts the two fierce creatures on the island that their habitat is being destroyed. The developers, who are greedy for profit, actually organise a bureau to invite everyone to visit the island under the leadership of the old driver Zhang Yang (played by Luo Liqun), and the single mother Xiao Nan (Chen Zihan) and her son Xiao Kai also join this adventure. A bloody king duel gradually begins!


” …this is a swiftly-moving and entertaining movie, with decent enough effects for the job. While the twist […] is definitely a reach in terms of credulity, given the nature of the film in general (I mean: giant frogs called Beelzebufo?), I can’t complain. The film does enough to make it possible for the viewer to buy into the conceit, and I was left genuinely looking forward to Snake 4.” Rating: B Film Blitz

“There’s a lot to like in Snake 3: Dinosaur vs. Python, not the least of which is the variety of creatures on display here. There are even carnivorous plants that spit huge thorns at their prey. And the effects for them, while not as good as the opening scene, are mostly well done […] It’s not all good news though, while well enough animated, the giant frogs are more comical looking than scary.” 3.5/5 Voices from the Balcony

The film premiered on January 22nd 2022 on the Mainland China Network.


Technical details:
1 hour 14 minutes

 Original title:
大蛇3龙蛇之战 “Orochi 3 Dragon and Snake Battle”


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