HELLBLAZERS (2022) Review of Tubi horror movie – now with a clip



Hellblazers is a 2022 American horror film about a satanic cult focused on unleashing Hell on Earth by conjuring up a demon. It is up to the inhabitants of a small town nearby to fend off the evil entity.

Written and directed by Justin Lee (The Most Dangerous Game; Hunters; Final Kill; ManeaterA Reckoning; Big Legend). The movie stars:

Billy Zane – The Believer; Ghosts of War; Bloodrayne; Demon Knight
Meg Foster – Overlord; The Lords of Salem; The Wind
Adrienne Barbeau – Gates of Darkness; Swamp Thing; The Fog
Bruce Dern – Ravage; Freaks; Swamp Devil; The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant
Tony Todd – Stoker Hills; Tales from the Hood 3; Final Destination; Candyman
Courtney Gains – Corbin Nash; King Cobra; Children of the Corn 1984
Mike Ferguson – Amityville Uprising; Triassic Hunt; The Devil’s Heist
John KassirSmothered; Ritual; Bordello of Blood; Demon Knight



The ‘small town’ is obviously just a movie set, dialogue scenes tend to be a little protracted, the framing can be wonky, there are some cliched characters and the ‘demon’ has a cheap-looking headpiece. Oh, and there are some awful electronic ditties.

Yet, for all its minor faults, Hellblazers is enjoyably cheesy fun and has a great cast of decent actors and agreeable characters. It’s free to watch on Tubi so worth a watch if expectations are kept in check.

Adrian J Smith, MOVIES and MANIA

Other reviews:

” …it’s a good time and can be enjoyed by any horror movie fan, even those who are not big horror fans will find that the movie is well-rounded and made for a broad audience […] The movie shows the good old fashioned sense that when faced with adversity a small town can come together in the face of anything […] quite enjoyable…” Horror Facts


Hellblazers is like VFW with the battleground expanded a bit and the drug “mutants” replaced with a satanic cult and their pet demon. It’s a group of ageing genre vets taking a stand and proving they can still kick some serious @ss. And even at sixty-eight Tony Todd still swings a mean sledgehammer […] it’s an enjoyable film…” Voices from the Balcony




Release date:

Hellblazers is free to watch online from Friday, January 21st 2022 exclusively on Tubi.

Cast and characters:

Billy Zane … Joshua
Meg Foster … Mary
Adrienne Barbeau … Georgia
Bruce Dern … Bill Unger
Tony Todd … Harry
Courtney Gains … Bernard
Mike Ferguson … Anton
John Kassir … Rick
Danielle Gross … Deanna
Edward Finlay … Bobby
Ed Morrone … Joe
Paige Sturges … Liz
Devin Reeve … Ben
Excelina Ordonez … Waitress
Crash Buist … Teddy
Greg Beaton … The Vessel
Stefanie Seifer … Cindy
Sanford Worth … The Creature
Sam Mason … Chuck
Jamie Portillo … Eleanor
Jack Klines … Timmy
Dalton Ibarra … Charlie
Trevor Ossian Cameron … Cultist
Max Gamble … The Town Patron

Production companies:

Hillin Entertainment
Benetone Films
Legion XIII
TB Films

Technical details:

1 hour and 21 minutes

Working title:





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