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Babysitter is a 2022 Canadian comedy film about a man that loses his job after an inappropriate prank goes wrong. Thus, he embarks on a therapeutic journey to free himself from sexism and misogyny. He and his girlfriend hire a mysterious and liberated babysitter to help shake things up.

Directed by Monia Chokri from a screenplay written by Catherine Léger based on her own play. Produced by Pierre-Marcel Blanchot, Fabrice Lambot, Catherine Léger and Martin Paul-Hus. Executive produced by Caroline Piras.

The Amérique Film-Phase 4 Productions movie stars Patrick Hivon, Monia Chokri, Nadia Tereszkiewicz, Steve Laplante, Hubert Proulx, Stéphane Moukarzel, Nathalie Breuer, Patrice Dubois and Eve Duranceau.


“It is unafraid to resort to dick jokes and sexy maid costumes while also commentating on misogyny and hypocrisy. The film is filled with relatable people (for better and worse). The rapid-fire camerawork and banter will turn some people off, but those who stick around should appreciate what the movie is trying to say.” AIPT

Babysitter is intended to be a satire of misogyny and the way too many men objectify women. Director Monia Chokri stages the comedy to be as broad as possible […] That’s a bold choice – one some viewers will really like, although it wore me out after about twenty minutes. Still, credit is deserved for mercilessly mocking sexist pigs.” The Aisle Seat

” …seems to primarily be a parody of the masculine gaze as seen through the feminine gaze. The film is directed to the point of exhaustion, employing rapid-fire cuts, extreme close-ups, and countless dolly shots that zero in on a subject in the center of the frame. At a certain point, it becomes a nauseating, dizzying experience that despite its ambition falls apart.” The Film Stage

“All in all, Babysitter is undoubtedly one of the best movies of the year. It’s a smart takedown of every stereotype that men are known for and every stereotype that is perpetrated by men about women. It’s a celebration of womanhood and a call for women to understand their power and show men where they actually belong. And ultimately it is a hugely entertaining movie.” High on Films

“An unhinged work that captures the escalating madness of untangling entire social webs through the lens of a single person or event, Babysitter charges through the ruins of mainstream cinema’s post-#MeToo moment. Chokri revels in an uproarious, hyper-stylized and decidedly un-didactic takedown of patriarchal thinking, which she frames as both impotent and all-powerful…” IndieWire

“The script (based on a play by Catherine Léger) has a few bits of solid writing, but it’s overshadowed by the film’s other problems. The style is made for those with short attention spans, the humor never lands, and the themes are lost in a tornado of absurdity. Babysitter is a too messy, too manic satire of male masculinity.” Screen Zealots

Babysitter is an uneven but often amusing comedy about self-absorption and the difference between being woke and just telling yourself and everyone else that you aren’t tired […] Babysitter is creative, charming and provocative, even if not everything that Cokri throws at the wall is quite able to stick. It makes for a vivid and memorable decoration that will prove to be a great conversation piece.” Slug Mag

“The current moment of #MeToo, cancel culture, and changing sexual mores is very hard to satirize properly; everyone from stand-up comedians to Saturday Night Live tries all the time, usually to unfunny effects. But give the makers of Babysitter credit for nailing it, in this delightfully unconventional way.” Tilt

” …basically a series of sketches, some of which comment on ingrained, unconscious misogyny, while others lampoon the culture of hypersensitivity around less severe examples of unexamined sexism, such as that forced kiss. This makes it apt, too, that Babysitter has such a sugary aesthetic: It often looks like the cake it wants both to have and to eat.” Variety

“If you like strange French comedies, you might get a kick out of Babysitter. It seems like the kind of film that is meant to be watched high and possibly trip on for, just watching it sober, is an odd, yet enjoyable, experience.” Wherever I Look

Babysitter had its world premiere at the 2022 virtual Sundance Festival on January 22nd 2022.

Cast and characters:
Patrick Hivon … Cédric
Monia Chokri … Nadine
Nadia Tereszkiewicz … Amy
Steve Laplante … Jean-Michel
Hubert Proulx … Tessier
Stéphane Moukarzel … Carlos
Nathalie Breuer … Brigitte
Patrice Dubois … Christian
Eve Duranceau … Chantal Tremblay
Geneviève Beaudet … Paediatrician
Patricia Lanoie … Aqua-baby Leader
Adina Darie … Girl Who Looks Like Kim Kardashian
Valerie-Pascale Bourque … Girl Who Looks Like Anastasia Karanikolaou
Amélie Grenier Avarda Étienne … TV Presenter #1
Linda Brodeur … TV Presenter #1
Varda Étienne … Micheline
Alphé Gagné … Cédric’s Male Colleague
Anne-Valérie Bouchard … Cédric’s Female Colleague
Léa Simard … Cédric’s Colleague Who Always Thinks He’s Guilty

Filming locations:
Montréal, Québec, Canada

Technical details:
1 hour 27 minutes
French language

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