APACHE JUNCTION (2021) Reviews and overview of Western

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‘Where outlaws rule’
Apache Junction is a 2021 American Western film about a female big-city reporter who finds herself in danger in a lawless town.

Written, directed and co-produced by Justin Lee (The Most Dangerous GameHellblazers; A Tales of Two Guns; HuntersFinal KillManeaterA Reckoning; Big Legend). Also produced by Trace Adkins, Rich Carlo and Daemon Hillin.

The movie stars Scout Taylor Compton, Stuart Townsend, Ricky Lee Regan, Ed Morrone (Hellblazers; A Tales of Two Guns; Hunters), Danielle Gross, Trace Adkins, Phil Burke, Eddie Finlay and Thomas Jane (Slayers; The Last Son; Deep Blue Sea).


Feisty San Francisco Examiner journalist Annabelle Angel (Scout Taylor Compton) sets foot in dusty, post-Civil War Apache Junction: a notorious haven for criminals, not even the military can get under control.

Not entirely unaware of the risk involved, inquisitive Annabelle enlists the help of former outlaw and deadly gunslinger Jericho Ford (Stuart Townsend) to protect her, unbeknownst to her that she has already caught unwanted attention. Now, trigger-happy Oslo Pike (Ed Morrone) wants Jericho dead. Who will be the last man standing?


” …the locations look good and the film is competently made.” B&S About Movies

“It’s a strikingly low-energy effort in almost all aspects, with a plot which largely forgets about Annabelle, and a preference for talk over action. What of the latter exists is notable only in its dullness.” Grade: D Film Blitz

“Ed Morrone is pretty sinister as Pike, but he is a bit too quiet for a primary villain. Unfortunately, Scout Taylor-Compton […] is rather mousy and forgettable in the role of Angel […] most of the ensemble does a pretty nice job, but the narrative and dialogue are just too blah. Not recommended…” J.B. Spins

“Every scene is staged and just about every character is emotionless and does not adequately belong. There is too much make-up on the women and the overall wardrobe is too clean and polished. The story is simple, unexciting, and the dialogue is basic and extremely white-washed.” Punch Drunk Critics

“Once again, Lee prefers to canter rather than gallop as he spins his storyline, allowing his well-cast leads enough time to reveal themselves in sometimes leisurely, sometimes suspenseful dialogue exchanges. To be sure, Apache Junction […] provides the requisite amount of gunplay, fisticuffs, distressing of damsels and other Western tropes. But there’s a twist or two to the conventions.” Variety

Main cast and characters:
Scout Taylor Compton … Annabelle Angel
Stuart Townsend … Jericho Ford
Ricky Lee Regan … Wasco
Ed Morrone … Oslo Pike
Danielle Gross … Mary Primm
Trace Adkins … Captain Hensley
Phil Burke … Boone Higgins
Eddie Finlay … Ebb Foliet
Thomas Jane … Al Longfellow
Victoria Pratt … Christine Williams
Nick Ryan … Private Hensley
Mike Hagerty … George Hearst
Dave T. Koenig … Buck Hansford
Josh Folan … Private Stuckey
Dom Poniac … Gorn Hollow
Lorena Sarria … Maria Quintana
Carey White … Eleanor Brumsfield
John Ellis … Reagan Beasley
David Hight … Tanner Breecher
Jason Koroll … Tennesse Red

Filming locations:
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Technical details:
1 hour 34 minutes

Production companies:
Hillin Entertainment
Benetone Films
Origo Financial Services
TB Films

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