LOCKDOWN (2022) Reviews of action thriller with Michael Paré and Bai Ling

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Lockdown is a 2022 American action thriller about three criminals that take over a police station and demand a ransom.

Directed and co-produced by Massimiliano Cerchi (The PenthouseMaydayThe Night ShiftThe House of Evil) from a screenplay written by Rod Smith based on a story by Cerchi. Also produced by Robert Dujmusic, Phillip B. Goldfine, Jared Safier and Nicole Wendeborn.

Chaos reigns in Los Angeles when three criminals, led by a psychotic mastermind named McMasters (Michael Wainwright), take over a police station and threaten to kill everyone in it unless a large ransom is paid.

FBI special agent Roger Kinkaid (Michael Paré) uses his extensive knowledge in a bid to outwit the criminals and save the hostages, but one question remains: even if they get their money, how can they possibly escape?

Our view:
For a bog standard siege movie Lockdown is basic beyond belief. Characterisation is non-existent and aside from Michael Paré – who just seems embassarred to be here – the acting is appalling. Michael Wainwright plays McMasters as a super-sweary pantomime villain. Bai Ling’s performance, if you can call it that, is just painful. As far as drama goes, there is a scene in which the cops and villains argue about the choice of pizza and sandwiches. Yes, Lockdown is that banal. It isn’t even dumb fun you can laugh at. Avoid.

“For many of the actors, breathing and blinking is outside of their limited range, to say nothing of being a competent member of law enforcement or a criminal mastermind struggling with mental illness. If this is a comedy, unintentional or not, it has some truly hilarious moments. Otherwise, it’s just plain bad.” 1/5 Common Sense Media

“It’s cheap and a throwaway movie that not even the good-bad crowd would find all that entertaining.” Movieman’s Guide to the Movies

Release date:
In the USA, Lockdown will be released on Digital, On-Demand (VOD) and DVD by Lionsgate on May 10th 2022. Rent or buy digital version via Amazon


Cast and characters:
Michael Paré … Roger Kinkaid
Bai Ling … Cherry
Michael Wainwright … McMasters
Scott Engrotti … Snake
Raj Kala … Rajesh
Chanel Ryan … Kristen Hollenback
Gregory Blair … Pizza delivery boy
Bishop Stevens … Captain Davis
Vincent Rivera … FBI Agent Rodriguez
Colton Wheeler … Officer
Thomas Haley … Officer Whitney
Al Burke … Officer Osborn
Mark Krenik … SWAT Capt
Zachary Chicos … SWAT Team Shooter
Charles Chudabala … Officer Cortez
Jackie Falcon … Officer Falcon
David ‘Blak’ Plascencia … SWAT Soldier
Suzshi Lang … SWAT, second in command

Apparently filmed in 2017.
Not to be confused with Micah Lyons’ Lockdown (2021) which stars Kevin Nash or many other movies titled Lockdown.


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