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Revealer is a 2022 American comedic horror film about two young women with different views stuck in an “apocalyptic” situation, in 1987.

Directed by Luke Boyce from a screenplay written by comic book authors Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash, Revival) and Michael Moreci (Barbaric, The Plot).

Produced by Brandon Ballschmidt, Anthony E. Cabral, Anthony Cousins, Brett Hays, Aaron B. Koontz, Sarah Sharp, Robert Patrick Stern, Ryan Urban and Peter West.

The Shatterglass Films and The Line Film Co movie stars Caito Aase (Black Mold), Shaina Schrooten (Scare Package II: Rad Chad’s Revenge) and Phil Bogdan.

What started off as a typical Chicago work day in 1987 for Angie Pittarelli (Caito Aase), a dancer at the Revealers Bookstore show booth, turns tragic when her annoying boss is suddenly killed in an uprising outside the store leaving her trapped in the booth, unable to escape.

Soon, she learns that hiding out in the booth next to hers is none other than Sally Mewbourne (Shaina Schrooten), an overzealous religious protester that seems to get a kick out of regularly harassing Angie. Sally is in a panic claiming that the rapture has occurred and the apocalypse has begun.

With nowhere left to turn, Angie and Sally must separate their differences and come together to fight this unknown evil, navigating the treacherous bootlegger tunnels below the store to survive the unthinkable…


” …Revealer is a dark movie with a light heart, awash in neon color, dirt and blood. It’s not a big movie but that’s because it stays small in the face of the biggest thing that ever will be. And it’s a blast.” B&S About Movies

” …Boyce looks to do something with a very little he has to work with, investing in cinematographic ideas and terrific casting to bring this strange take on the chaos of the Rapture to life. “Revealer” doesn’t add up to much, but it retains effective moments of conflict and mystery to get the feature through some slower patches of limp exposition.” 3 out of 5,

“This is a horror movie with some humor, not Meet the Press. But if Revealer doesn’t want to put dogmatic belief systems on trial by highlighting hypocrisies on both sides when they’re put to practical applications, then what’s the point of Angie and Sally’s dithering discourse about who deserves to go to Hell and who’s to blame for bringing about the end times?” 40 out of 100, Culture Crypt

“A great start, with some comedic dialogue and moments that really work, gives way to something that becomes less and less interesting as it winds towards a finale that will leave most people non-plussed. The comedy stops working, the horror side of things never really works at all, and nothing can distract from the obvious limitations that could have been turned into a strength.” 5 out of 10, For It Is Man’s Number

Revealer is a fun 80s throwback that doesn’t take itself too seriously while trying to say something about society and how we can all try harder to be better human beings. Not as polished as other recent 80s set horror films but still worth a watch.” 2.5 out of 5, The Fright Club

” …it does lose some momentum which is a shame since everything else works. Also, admittedly, the horror movies of the 1980s did have a tendency to maybe run longer than necessary […] And that’s actually a key point; You want to make excuses for the misses of Revealer because everything else just works so damn well.” Heaven of Horror

” …being so character-focused, it allows our two main leads to develop both their relationship to each other trying to survive and give us more insight into their motivations and background. In terms of monsters, there’s an interesting variety including zombified killers, horrifying parasitic slugs full of teeth, and the demonic forces after our heroines. One of the main drawbacks of Revealer unfortunately is its scope and budget.” 3.5/5 iHorror

“…it’s too static: there aren’t many stylistic choices in its cinematography, and you don’t sense the creative freedom of the B-horror pictures from the past. Nevertheless, what makes one watch Revealer in the first place may not be its B-movie inflictions but the chemistry between the two co-leads, Aase and Schrooten. The two of them know exactly what movie they are in, and their performances show.” Loud and Clear

“Boyce shows instincts for making the most of the frame. His visual ideas pay off comedically, amplifying the frenemy vibe while creating a fun atmosphere […]  It could have been a really fun short. But at feature-length, Boyce’s film feels like a lot of filler.” 2.5 out of 5, Maddwolf

” …every other beat sees Angie and Sally trying to find their way out of the booth, deep in conversation. And it’s simply not that interesting […] But like any story where character types need to come together for the greater good, or here survival, they slowly appreciate the other’s point of view.” Mother of Movies

Revealer punches above its weight in the production design and acting. But the script needed punching up, with more incidents and more testy one-liners to get through, and the funereal pacing makes what’s here play dull and uninvolving. Mark this no-budget gambit a “nice try” and leave it at that.” Movie Nation

“Ultimately Angie and Sally are stock stereotypes, the stripper with a heart of gold and the religious girl who may not be as prim and proper as she makes out […] Revealer has a message about not judging people, but it’s a hypocritical message, as the filmmakers have clearly judged those whose views don’t align with their own.” 2 out of 5, The Movie Waffler

“Overall, a very impressive use of a small budget, cast, and space. The polar opposite lifestyles of Angela and Sally place this movie firmly in the buddy-film genre, but the demons, monsters, and the impending collapse of the world keep the story fresh. Revealer also drops hints of different themes such as female empowerment, freedom from religion, and how the 80s loved neon.” Nightmarish Conjurings

“The special effects are solid; without giving too much away, our heroines are put to the test against some creepy critters, and the creature effects are quite fun. A sizzling score and solid sound design add to the ambiance of the film. [Boyce] balances the fear with the funny admirably, and gets the most from his strong female protagonists — thanks in great part to the fine turns from Aase and Schrooten.” The Scariest Things

“It’s a terrific premise for a film, and co-writer/director Luke Boyce adds a bit of snarky humor to the story. He incorporates progressive elements along with atheist viewpoints while gently criticizing the judgmental nature of religious texts. Christian beliefs about the end of times are coupled with Bible verses, which points out the hypocrisy of it all.” Screen Zealots

” …the film contains great special effects, creative monsters/demons, and cultural war issues that resonate today. We’re living in another period where there’s book banning, a resurgent far-right, and debates over the way concepts of race and sexuality are taught in public schools. This is a film steeped in some of that 80s hysteria that never really ended.” Signal Horizon

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