WHITE ELEPHANT (2022) Reviews of Bruce Willis, Michael Rooker, John Malcovich, Olga Kurylenko action thriller



‘Live by a code. Die by a bullet.’
White Elephant is a 2022 action thriller film in which an ex-marine enforcer must battle his conscience and code of honour… when he is forced to do things for the mob.

Directed by Jesse V. Johnson (Hell Hath No Fury; Debt CollectorsThe MercenaryTriple ThreatThe Butcher 2009) from a screenplay co-written by Erik Martinez with additional dialogue by Katharine Lee McEwan. Produced by Jon Keeyes, Corey Large and Mandi Murro.

The movie stars Bruce Willis (American SiegeApexMidnight in the SwitchgrassOut of DeathHard KillCosmic SinBreachDie Hard franchise), Michael Rooker, Olga Kurylenko, John Malkovich, Michael Rose and Vadhir Derbez.

When an assassination attempt is witnessed by two cops, Gabriel Tancredi, an ex-marine turned mob enforcer (Michael Rooker), is ordered by his ruthless mob boss (Bruce Willis) to eliminate any and all threats. With an eager underling out to prove himself, rival gangs making moves, and a rising body count, every step Tancredi makes threatens lives… including his own.


” …solemnity doesn’t automatically make the picture compelling. Johnson works to bring some bang to the film with his scenes of conflict, but he’s also in charge of a terrible screenplay that’s built with cliches and blank personalities, making it extremely difficult to get involved in the knotted world of crime bosses, enforcers, bad cops, and PTSD-wrecked warriors.” 2/5 Blu-ray.com

“There is really no way to solve how convoluted the plot is, and it doesn’t offer stakes or big twists, everything feels like just something that came out of a can. The dialogue is really bad, and the talking scenes really have no propulsion behind them. Very few people will care about the story when watching this, but will be disappointed when the build-up just ends in a flash of action towards the end.” Fiction Horizon

In the US, White Elephant will be released by RLJE Films on June 3, 2022.

Cast and characters:
Bruce Willis … Arnold
Olga Kurylenko … Vanessa
Michael Rooker … Gabriel Tancredi
John Malkovich
Michael Rose … Walter Koschek
Lorenzo Antonucci … K.I.M
Eric Buarque
Vadhir Derbez … Carlos
Ski Carr … Luis Velasquez
Chris Cleveland … Daley
Lauren Buglioli … Tomi
Desiree Hall … Anchorwoman
Jeremy Sande … Shirtless Man
Josef Cannon … Jim
Joaquin Montes … Armed Man
Lincoln Brown … Restaurant Patron
Tatiana Sophia Massa … Karate Student Mia
Ruslan Ialgashev … Karate Student
Phillip Joe Luke … Homeless Man
Daniel Chung … Ex-Navy Seal


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