PRESENCE (2022) Reviews of supernatural horror movie



Presence is a 2022 horror film about two female young business partners who are invited on a yachting trip with a potential investor. At night, Jennifer’s dreams begin to bleed into reality as the others realise that Jennifer may have unknowingly brought something on board.

Directed by Christian Schultz from a screenplay co-written with Peter Ambrosio. Produced by Donny Broussard, Thomas Johnston, Isaiah LaBorde, Murray Anthony Roth and John Paul Summers.

The ALLaBorde Films production stars Jenna Lyng Adams, Donny Broussard, Dave Davis, Alexandria DeBerry, Major Dodge, Thomas Johnston, Isaiah LaBorde, Octavio Pisano and Teri Wyble.


“There’s always something else happening just outside of normal events, as well, adding to the uncanny proceedings, which are sometimes presented in a chilly manner. The performances of the three leads are impressive, keeping Presence an engaging watch even when it treads in familiar territory.” Horror Fuel

Presence takes viewers on a tense voyage bristling with psychological terror, but the journey is much more satisfying than the destination. Standard as the script is though, Presence is well-executed on nearly every level, with engaging performances that keep the film afloat, puzzling narrative be damned.” 3/5 Killer Horror Critic

Cast and characters:
Jenna Lyng Adams … Jennifer
Donny Broussard … Stu
Dave Davis … David
Alexandria DeBerry … Samantha
Major Dodge … Jeffrey
Thomas Johnston … The Presence
Isaiah LaBorde … Jason
Octavio Pisano … Keaton
Teri Wyble … Vivian

Presence was shot in May 2019.

There is currently no trailer available for Presence. Please bookmark this website and visit again soon for the first teaser and/or trailer.

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