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Code Name Banshee is a 2022 American action thriller about two deadly govt hired assassins fighting off CIA-hired killers.

Directed and co-produced by Jon Keeyes (The Survivalist; Rogue Hostage; The HarrowingDoom RoomFall Down Dead; Suburban NightmareHallow’s End; American Nightmare) from a screenplay written by Matthew Rogers (The Survivalist).

Also produced by Jordan Beckerman, Jesse Korman, Jordan Yale Levine, Mandi Murro and Shaun Sanghani.

The movie stars Antonio Banderas, Jaime King, Tommy Flanagan, Kim DeLonghi, Catherine Davis, Keil Oakley Zepernick, Aleksander Vayshelboym and John Wollman.

Caleb (Antonio Banderas), a former government assassin in hiding, resurfaces when his protégé, the equally deadly killer known as Banshee (Jaime King), discovers a bounty has been placed on Caleb’s head. Now they must put the past behind them and join together one last time to fight off the secret CIA-backed killers who threaten to destroy them.


“Action isn’t exciting in Code Name Banshee, watching Keeyes stage dull shootouts with poor visual effects […] Chases are limited and showdowns are tedious, failing to electrify the picture. As for the central story, it’s not something that commands attention, dealing with forgettable characters and muddy motivations…” 1 out of 5,

“While it’s great to see King confident in a straight-up warrior role, there’s so little actually going on in this flat action movie that it feels like the warmup act for a much better movie […] Some of the quiet scenes between her, Banderas, and Davis are also somewhat touching. But quiet scenes are rare in this one. It’s all about the shootouts: shootout after shootout after shootout.” Common Sense Media

” …Code Name Banshee is a confusing revenge thriller that serves as a decent one-time watch; only for the unexaggerated fight scenes. The fight scenes aren’t prolonged (even Banshee vs Greene), and it is a blessing that the director didn’t opt for slow motion. That would have only prolonged the agony.” High on Films

“Banderas makes every line a world-weary Spanish-accented thrill. And Flanagan breaks out his most his menacing brogue for every syllable […] the Big Finish features 110-pound women throwing 190-220 pound goons around, especially when one of those women Never Ever Reloads. Stupid movie.” Movie Nation

“Jaime King does earn action credit with her two guns blazing attacks. She’s like a female version of Chow Yun-fat’s The Killer. Code Name Banshee struggles to be cohesive from the start. The ending also leaves too many questions unanswered. I can’t tell if this is by design for a sequel or just sloppy filmmaking.” Movieweb

“Jon Keeyes wants to mesh the fight sequence styles of John Wick, but have the camera aesthetic and flare shots of a Tony Scott film. Those two styles don’t successfully mesh here in Code Name Banshee. Perhaps with a tighter script, better editing, and a less stylistic look to the film, Code Name Banshee might be a stronger film. Unfortunately, it’s just a fun, silly shoot ‘em up.” 2 out of 5, Punch Drunk Critics

“Pacing is painfully slow here, with large gaps in action filled in with meaningless exposition that doesn’t do much to develop the characters or the story. Screenwriting woes will make lots of viewers check their watches, phones, or other tabs since Rogers had a script with enough pages to make a movie, but it’s nearly blank in engagement…” 1 out of 5, Voices from the Balcony

In the US, Screen Media will release Code Name Banshee theatrically in select locations and On-Demand (VOD) on July 1, 2022.

Cast and characters:
Antonio Banderas … Caleb
Jaime King … Banshee
Tommy Flanagan … Anthony Greene
Kim DeLonghi … Carla
Catherine Davis … Hailey
Keil Oakley Zepernick … Giant
Aleksander Vayshelboym … Kronos
John Wollman … Mave
Levon Panek … Thug
Dylan Flashner … Ryker
Marinko Radakovic … Thug
Emmanuel Kerry … Security Guard
Wayne Pyle … Rick
Rose Lane Sanfilippo … Malia
Yahudah Bane Brown … Mercenary
Miguel Santiago … Security Guard



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