ADULT SWIM YULE LOG (2022) Reviews of dark comedy horror

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Adult Swim Yule Log is a 2022 American dark comedy horror film about a mixed-race couple in a log cabin with fear for their future. Also known as The Fire Place

Written and directed by Casper Kelly.

The Adult Swim production features (alphabetically) Koleman Adams, Hannah Alline, Kathrine Barnes, Thy Bui, Regina Ting Chen, Tordy Clark, Patrick Conley, Brendan Patrick Connor, Mark Costello, Katerina Eichenberger, Jessica Fontaine, Charles Green, Sean Hankinson, Megan Hayes, Andrea Laing, Danielia Maximillian, Chris Mayers, Justin Miles, Valerie Jane Parker, Skye Passmore, Jonathon Pawlowski, Paxton Pope, Michael Reagan and William Tokarsky.


“In a project with so few expectations, it’s impressive just how much The Fireplace accomplishes. This is a deliriously fun and unpredictable horror film, which is such a rare feat to pull off these days. The movie gets a little long in the tooth towards the end, but there are far more hits than misses in this ambitious piece of horror.” 4 out of 5, Bloody Disgusting

” …the first 30 minutes look like one take in real-time and rescue The Fireplace from being too blackened by occasionally dark tones. Thank Saint Nick for that, or maybe just Casper Kelly, because when The Fireplace burns a fully bonkers blaze with crazy kills and snicker-inducing surprises, there’s still a fair bit of humorous heat to be felt.” Culture Crypt

“At feature length, the filmmaker’s hallucinogenic sensibility starts to just seem stagy, though Laing manages an oddly grounded performance as someone who may as well have the words “Final Girl” printed on her shirt […] you’ll not find a more bodacious bonanza of sheer WTFery than the last twenty minutes, which crosscut realities and timelines while doing truly disgusting things with pimento cheese.” Entertainment Weekly


“I’ve barely scratched the surface of the complexity that Adult Swim Yule Log entails, as I didn’t even mention the organ-sucking aliens, the unexplored cult, and how much this special has effectively ruined the mere sight of pimento cheese forever […]  I love that a traditional yule log gag from the folks at Adult Swim delivered a deliciously unpredictable spin on their WTF-inspired history…” /Film

“Performances overall were excellent […]The backstories told via a demon in the fireplace were a neat idea that added another element of crazy to the mix. However, I thought it worked seamlessly into the turn of events and made the nonsense seem more cohesive.” 3.5 out of 5, Mother of Movies

“If you like micro-budget horror films that play on the unknown, check this out. The runtime for the film, even at just an hour and a half, is too long to be fully immersive. This may have been a better experience if edited down to 45 minutes to an hour in length to pack in the most intense experience but also have fun with the crazy and deranged idea that it is.” Overly Honest Movie Reviews


” …after a bit of “let’s straighten this out” things quickly go off the rails. And not just a little. Casper Kelly takes it so far off the rails you can’t even see the rails from where we end up. Unpredictability is the name of the game in absurdist cinema and Yule Log does not disappoint.” 4 out of 5, The Scariest Things

“For about 35 minutes, the film is that aforementioned static shot of the Airbnb living room (the fireplace in the center of the screen). For the remainder, however, it turns into more of a conventional film with multiple cameras — about the only aspect in Adult Swim’s oddball holiday feature you could call “conventional.” 3 out of 5, Steve Pulaski

“It’s cleverly designed and staged, its grounded performances keep it from turning into a spoof, it extends the look of Yule Log videos into feature length horror, it’s very playful and takes you on an exciting ride, whether or not it gets too bumpy at times. For me it’s not in the top actual horror movies of 2022, but it’s definitely more evidence that this is a landmark year for the genre.” Vern’s Reviews

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