AMITYVILLE EMANUELLE (2023) Reviews and trailer

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Amityville Emanuelle is a 2023 American supernatural horror film in which a woman discovers the haunting truth behind her murderous secrets.

Directed and co-produced by actor Louis DeStefano – making his feature directorial debut – from a screenplay written by co-producer Geno McGahee (writer of Amityville Cop; director of Rise of the Scarecrows: Hell on Earth; SickleScary TalesSatanic Meat Cleaver Massacre; Rise of the Scarecrows; Evil Awakening).

The movie stars Dawn Church, Shane Ryan-Reid, Allie Perez, Chris Spinelli, Saint Heart, Joycelyne Lew, Linda S. Wong, Louis DeStefano, Johnny Avila, Jose Adam Alvarez, Erika Holzhausen, Torrey Roussin, Jorge Meneses and Spencer Cadigan.


On a cold night in 1974, Amityville would encounter the devil himself when Ronald Defeo, Jr, opened fire. Now, not even death can stop him from finishing his killing spree…

“How long did it take before someone realized that Emanuelle and Amityville are both available to put together and lure me into watching 65 minutes of the results? That’s why I blame AI.” B&S About Movies

“A sloppy outing that does try to tie itself to the original film by featuring descendants of past characters, but none of them needed to be explored thirty-four years after the first movie. This is a poorly written, awkwardly acted drag that has the sole credibility of lasting just over an hour.” Splatter Critic

“While it fails miserably as a fake Emanuelle movie, Amityville Emanuelle surprisingly isn’t too shabby of a fake Amityville movie.  It contains at least one semi-effective scene where the ghost of DeFeo interrupts a group of friends who are playing with an Ouija board and blows them away.” The Video Vacuum



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