THE LOCH NESS HORROR (1982) Reviews and overview


“It IS alive!’

The Loch Ness Horror is a 1982 American horror feature film directed by Larry Buchanan from a screenplay co-written with Lynn Shubert.

The tag line: “It IS alive!” is deliberately ironic, as Buchanan made a film called It’s Alive! in 1969.


The Loch Ness Monster is feeding on unsuspecting swimmers and eventually going on a killing spree. There are three subplots: the monster’s egg that is ready to hatch, a scientist who wants to capture the beast, and a mysterious sunken Nazi German bomber plane which the military is trying to cover up.


“Suffering from the usual pitfalls of low budget filmmaking, Loch Ness Terror is a surprisingly solid creature feature. While the direction is mundane and effects range from superb to downright abysmal, there’s enough here to recommend to creature-feature fanatics. This is a fun one.”

“An orgy of incoherence. I’m assuming the screenwriters only wanted to show off their cheap-looking Nessie costume (that no one told them looked about as menacing as a Muppet), as they bring in several college age-looking characters, for no other reason than to become monster chow.” Cinema Knife Fight

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