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“It IS alive!’

The Loch Ness Horror is a 1981 American monster movie film directed by Larry Buchanan from a screenplay co-written with Lynn Shubert.

The movie stars Sandy Kenyon, Miki McKenzie, Barry Buchanan and Eric Scott.

The tag line: “It IS alive!” is deliberately ironic, as Buchanan made a film called It’s Alive! in 1969.

The Loch Ness Monster is feeding on unsuspecting swimmers and eventually going on a killing spree. There are three subplots: the monster’s egg that is ready to hatch, a scientist who wants to capture the beast, and a mysterious sunken German Third Reich bomber plane which the military is trying to cover up.
“Suffering from the usual pitfalls of low-budget filmmaking, Loch Ness Terror is a surprisingly solid creature feature. While the direction is mundane and effects range from superb to downright abysmal, there’s enough here to recommend to creature-feature fanatics. This is a fun one.”

“I’m assuming the screenwriters only wanted to show off their cheap-looking Nessie costume (that no one told them looked about as menacing as a Muppet), as they bring in several college age-looking characters, for no other reason than to become monster chow.” Cinema Knife Fight

” …as for poor Nessie… Here she’s reduced to a clunky and largely immobile puppet that looks terrible in long shot and simply laughable in close-up. The model is so awful that Buchanan wisely keeps it as far away from the camera as possible though it’s all in vain.” The EOFFTV Review

“It’s strange, but the laughable monster, the bad acting, the bad and sexist dialogue, and the amazingly low production values make The Loch Ness Horror a very close reproduction to many of those lovably bad 1950s big-monster movies […] The campy material on display here happens to be what makes this Buchanan effort much different from his others – that it results in a number of unintended laughs.” The Unknown Movies

“Whenever Nessie is front and center, The Loch Ness Horror is bearable because the monster is so hokey. When the characters take center stage, the movie hits a brick wall. The ineffectual hero and irritating supporting characters with overdone Scottish brogues get on your nerves awful quick.” The Video Vacuum

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