REVENGE OF THE ZOMBIES (1943) Reviews and overview


Revenge of the Zombies is a 1943 American horror feature film about a mad scientist directed by Steve Sekely from a screenplay by Edmond Kelso and Van Norcross. The movie stars John Carradine and Gale Storm.

In the UK, it was released as The Corpse Vanished. because the word “zombies” was deemed too strong for the British public.


After the death of Max’s (John Carradine) wife Lila (Veda Ann Borg), he holds a funeral for her. However, it’s then we see he has also turned her into a zombie. He is amazed when Lila show signs of free will and challenges Max for control. In the excitement Doctor Keating (Barry Macollum) goes missing after entering a tomb which should not have been entered.

During dinner Scott Warrington (Mauritz Hugo) finds a radio in Max’s cabinet, and figures out that it communicates to Hitler. Max learns of this and gags and ties up Scott. Lazarus (James Baskett), Max’s right hand man, finds a gun.

While making soup with Rosella (Sybil Lewis), Jeff (Mantan Moreland) finds Warrington gagged in a closet, and he tells Jeff about the situation. Max discovers this and tries to flee the swamp. Lila and the hordes of zombies pursue Max…


“A semi-sequel to King of the ZombiesRevenge of the Zombies is more like King of the Zombies Redux, with Mantan Moreland reprising his role as bug-eyed servant Jeff, albeit in a different location (Louisiana instead of the Caribbean) and with a different (albeit equally rigid) cast of characters.” Black Horror Movies

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