EBOLA SYNDROME (1996) Reviews and overview


Ebola Syndrome (伊波拉病毒) is a 1996 Hong Kong horror feature film starring Anthony Wong and directed by Herman Yau.


Ah Kai (Anthony Wong) is a wanted convict from China who escapes to South Africa after killing his former boss and his boss’s wife. In South Africa, he works at a Chinese restaurant and one day travels with his boss to a South African tribe that is infected with the Ebola virus. Kai sees a dying infected tribe member and carnally assaults her, contracting the virus.

Kai, however, is immune to the infection. He becomes a living carrier, spreading the disease to others through body fluids. He ends up killing his new boss and his boss’s wife, but not before spreading the virus to them. He then cuts up their corpses and serves them as hamburgers in the restaurant, effectively spreading the virus all over South Africa and Hong Kong.

Cast and characters:

  • Anthony Wong Chau-Sang as Kai San
  • Yeung-ming Wan as Yeung
  • Fui-On Shing as annoyed husband
  • Wong Tsui-ling
  • Miu-Ying Chan as Har
  • Meng Lo as the boss
  • Edward Corbett
  • Lori Shannon
  • Michael Tam
  • Bobby Yip as Short Ugly Triad

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“Wong is perfectly cast on the role of overweight sleazeball Kai and the film is thankfully without the episodes of slapstick style humour that marred previous Wong outing The Untold Story. Any laughs – and believe me, there aren’t many – are usually as a result of Wong’s outrageous facial expressions as he goes about his business.” As Long as It’s… Deranged

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