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Cabin Fever is a 2002 American horror film about five college graduates who rent a cabin in the woods and fall victim to a flesh-eating virus. Unfortunately, this attracts the unwanted attention of the homicidal locals.

Directed by Eli Roth (HostelThe Green InfernoKnock Knock) from a screenplay co-written with Randy Pearlstein based on Roth’s story. The movie stars Jordan Ladd, Rider Strong, James DeBello, Cerina Vincent, Joey Kern and Arie Verveen.

In 2016, the film was remade by Travis Zariwny [as Travis Z] apparently in order to retain the rights.


“The simplicity to it all is what makes the movie’s modern classic status questionable for future generations.  When attitudes completely calcify to the brand of entertainment Cabin Fever offers, and memory fades about what it brought to the genre at the time, it does wobble on hollow legs of subplots that reach a little too desperately.” Culture Crypt

“Eli Roth takes an unoriginal setting, a few stock characters and turns everything into something quite refreshing and pleasantly surprising.” Horrorworld & Reviews

“Roth delivers the satisfying goods on most counts as a horror film – he happily gets back to 1980s basics, gets his actresses topless and does not water the gore down to a PG-rated level. With the help of Hollywood effects house KNB EFX Group, he delivers up a number of blood-glistening shock images.” Moria


“If some of this material had been harnessed and channeled into a disciplined screenplay with a goal in mind, the movie might have worked. But the director and co-author, Eli Roth, is too clever for his own good, and impatiently switches among genres, tones and intentions.” Roger Ebert


“First-time director Eli Roth turns this cheapie into a greatest-hits of horror. It’s a blast of good gory fun that just won’t quit.” Rolling Stone

” …the film never quite finds the right tone – part serious body horror, part quirky spoof, Roth undercuts the terror of the situation by throwing in splatstick moments like the guy who swallows a harmonica after being twatted by a guitar. But it’s entertaining enough, and Roth makes a low budget go a long way.” The Spinning Image

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” …the premise is definitely an alright one it’s just that they’ve concentrated more on smirky humour and junky “hip” dialogue than actual horror or plot making this almost a parody of itself as it piles on annoying jokes (especially James DeBello’s character who grates on your nerves) and failed attempts at humour without bothering even making an effort at suspense or tension.” The Video Graveyard

Cast and characters:

Rider Strong … Paul
Jordan Ladd … Karen
James DeBello … Bert
Cerina Vincent … Marcy
Joey Kern … Jeff
Arie Verveen … Henry (The Hermit)
Robert Harris … Old Man Cadwell
Hal Courtney … Tommy
Matthew Helms … Dennis
Richard Boone … Fenster
Tim Parati … Andy
Dalton McGuire … Lemonade Boy
Jana Farmer … Lemonade Girl
Dante Walker … Shemp
Jeff Rendell … Fake Shemp
Brandon Johnson … Ray Shawn
Charee Devon … Cadwell’s Crush (as Cherie Rodgers)
Giuseppe Andrews … Deputy Winston
Richard Fullerton … The Sheriff
Phil Fox … Evil Deputy
Gabriel Roth … Shooter #1
Donald Lee Hall Jr. … Shooter #2
Jeremy A. Metcalf … Shooter #3
Christine Renee Ward … The Hog Lady (as Christy Ward)
Michael Harding … Shotgun Casey
Julie Childress … Beautiful Wife
Eli Roth … Justin / Grim (as David Kaufbird)

Technical details:

93 minutes | 98 minutes (unrated director’s cut)
Audio: DTS | Dolby Digital
Aspect ratio: 2.39: 1

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Movie timeline:

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