GAME OF WEREWOLVES (2011) Reviews and overview



Game of Werewolves
is a 2011 Spanish comedy-horror film directed by Juan Martínez Moreno. Originally titled Lobos de Arga and also known as Attack of the Werewolves



In 1910, in Arga, a small village from Galicia, the Mariño family are cursed by a gypsy woman as punishment for the excesses of the Marquise de Mariño. Upon reaching the age of ten, her son becomes a werewolf.

attack werewolf

A hundred years later, the last descendent of the Mariño family, Tomás (Gorka Otxoa), returns to the village. The villagers try to kill him in a ritual ceremony in order to end the curse, but not everything goes according to their plan…

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Game of Werewolves has all the makings of a great midnight movie […] It is fun, fast-paced, and full of schlocky, glorious gore and personable characters that you like and feel for. It seamlessly blends slapstick and splatter, and the end result is a blast from end to end.” Beyond Hollywood

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“Sit out the massive amounts of exposition, daft humour and dull filler scenes, and there are some pleasing moments of gore and carnage to be found. When the action finally kicks off, the film starts to live up to its title. A mass transformation scene (amusingly lit in a manner similar to Thriller) is genuinely impressive, as is one car chase and a bit with a throttled granny.” HorrorTalk


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