Lobster Man from Mars – USA, 1989 – overview

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Lobster Man From Mars is a 1989 comedy feature film directed by Stanley Sheff and starring Tony Curtis. It is a spoof of low budget sci-fi films from the 1950s.


Filmmaker Stevie Horowitz (Dean Jacobson) eagerly awaits a meeting with big shot Hollywood film producer J.P. Shelldrake (Tony Curtis). Shelldrake has been desperately searching for a way to avoid problems with the IRS and unpaid millions owed them in back taxes. His brilliant yet overpaid accountant (Phil Proctor) devises a scheme to allow the producer to write off the expenses of his next movie release, but only if the film is a box office flop.

Armed with his foolproof plan, Shelldrake agrees to meet with Stevie and screen his film “Lobster Man From Mars” (financed by Stevie’s jailed con man Uncle Joey).

lobster man patrick macnee

Inside Shelldrake’s private screening room the “film within the film” begins. They watch the weird plot unfold: Mars suffers from a severe air leakage. The King of Mars (Bobby Pickett of “Monster Mash” fame) commands the dreaded Lobster Man and his assistant Mombo (a gorilla wearing a space helmet – a reference to Robot Monster) to pilot his flying saucer to Earth then steal its air. Once landed, the Lobster Man wastes no time transforming hapless victims into smoking skeletons.

On a lonely road, John and Mary, a young and innocent couple (Deborah Foreman and Anthony Hickox) discovers the hiding place of the flying saucer in a dark and mysterious cave. They attempt to warn the authorities but are ignored. Successfully contacting Professor Plocostomos (Patrick Macnee), a plan is created to lure the Lobster Man to Mr. Throckmorton’s (Billy Barty) Haunted House that just happens to be surrounded by boiling hot springs.

Once lured, it’s simply a matter of pushing the Lobster Man into the hot water where he will be boiled to death. The plan is interrupted by Colonel Ankrum (Fred Holliday) and his troops. The house is shelled and destroyed, the Lobster Man flees to his cave, taking Mary with him.

She manages to escape, but the Lobster Man follows…



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