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Repligator is a low budget 1996 American sci-fi comedy sexploitation horror film produced and directed by Bret McCormick (Ozone! Attack of the Redneck MutantsThe Abomination) from a screenplay by Keith Kjornes (The Devil’s Tomb). The movie stars Gunnar Hansen (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre; The Demon LoverMosquito), Keith Kjornes, Randy Clower, TJ Myers, Carl Merritt and Brinke Stevens (Teenage Exorcist; et al).


screen-shot-2017-01-16-at-21-10-36A top secret military experiment turns burly soldiers into sexy nymphomaniac babes who then turn into alligators when they reach orgasm…

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This isn’t a movie made for the serious cineaste, but rather for those who enjoy the simple things bad, low budget movies can and so often do provide instead of any sort of artistic merit: cheap lingerie, fake boobs, real boobs, dinosaur alligator face masks, zombies (?), horrible optical effects, bad science, characters with horrible names like Doctor Goodbody and Colonel Sanders, and bad, trashy jokes galore.” Ian Jane, DVD Talk


“The alligator costumes (just heads mostly) are not going to win any awards. And never do you see a bikini babe with a gator head as they show in the advertising, so don’t expect that. But the whole movie is played as comedy, so realistic costumes would be totally out of place. Fortunately, the movie is never once meant to be frightening or thrilling in the least, only titillating. Unfortunately, it’s neither funny nor titillating.” California Herpes


” …the script is better than you’d expect and does manage to raise the occasional groan of laughter. The cast don’t appear have to received much in the way of direction and compensate by overacting wildly but they do it with such enthusiasm, especially the guys, that it’s difficult not to find it endearing. And why wouldn’t the guys be enthusiastic: they spend most of the film being groped by topless women.” Horror News

“Things could stand to get a little cheesier, but I love the ludicrousness of EVERY DAMNED THING in this movie. It really is like watching a terrible Doctor Who story from the classic series, but with more boobs. I’d almost say watch this just for the entertainment value alone, because damn if it isn’t something unique.” Triskaidekafiles

“It was pretty bad. Awful, actually. It was physically painful to watch the actors deliver their lines as though they’d eaten an entire jar of peanut butter and chased it with a sleeve of Saltines – fumbled, stilted, or just awkward.” Peggy Christe, Cinema Head Cheese



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“An ultra-low budget sci-fi comedy this cheerfully inept movie makes a virtue of its trashiness by setting its standards incredibly low and whenever the plot, such as it is, begins to flag throws in some gratuitous nudity to keep your attention. Featuring a couple of trash movie icons in Gunnar Hansen and Brinke Stevens, it’s performed with enthusiasm rather than skill…”


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