DARK REMAINS (2005) Reviews and overview


Dark Remains (O Espirito Do Mal)

Dark Remains is a 2005 American horror feature film written and directed by Brian Avenet-Bradley (Echoes of Fear; Freez’er; Ghost of the Needle).

The movie stars Cheri Christian, Greg Thompson, Scott Hodges, Jeff Evans, Rachel Jordan, Michelle Kegley, Patrick G. Keenan, Rachael Rollings, Karla Droege, Patricia French, Jason Turner, Syr Law, Lynn Cole, Doug Hammond, Brian Clemons.


A young couple who attempt to get over the grief they feel after their daughter is killed by moving to a secluded home in the mountains. Soon they two are beset by forces of supernatural evil…


Dark Remains is a very solid ghost story with enough attention to detail and characterization to set it aside from its contemporaries. Brian Avenet-Bradley’s going strong and continues to show promise as both a screenwriter and director and hopefully, this will be the film that gets him noticed by people with the right amount of money to help him do it even better.” Dread Central


“A stretch of a ghost story that moves about as fast as a car without gas. Or a turtle without gas. Every time a ghost pops up, it’s done so with a loud sound so as to keep you from falling asleep. (I listen to loud musical compostions, so that didn’t work on me.) Even with the occasional bare boobie shot, Dark Remains (2005) is as lifeless as that little dead girl.” Drink-In n’ Drive-in

“As usual, Avenet-Bradley definitely knows how to scare the audience with disturbing images and a haunting score to compliment them. Yet, the flash-ghost scares (much like Japanese horror movies like Ringu or Ju-on) become overused as the film progresses and lessen its impact.” Fatally Yours

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