Clawed: The Legend of Sasquatch aka The Unknown – USA, 2005



‘The missing link has been found.’

Clawed: The Legend of Sasquatch – aka The Unknown – is a 2005 American horror feature film directed by Karl Kozak from a screenplay co-written with Don J. Rearden. The movie stars Dylan Purcell, Brandon Henschel, Miles O’Keeff and, Jack Conley.

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Pine Creek is a town where generations have felt themselves robbed of hope – and glancing nervously over one shoulder – since the infamous Echo Mountain Massacre, a black mark on the town’s history, wherein a group of local hunters were mercilessly butchered by a massive, hairy beast.

Many come to doubt the story, and even attempt to dismiss it in their minds as a grizzly bear attack – until the creature resurfaces in the flesh and, refusing to be brushed aside, begins a new rampage that carries the town into a waking nightmare. Now, a pack of thrill-hungry, heat-packing high school students and vengeance-obsessed hunters set out in search of the creature…


Reviews [click links to read more]:

‘The film isn’t especially gory but there is still far more bloody carnage than one would expect in a family film, which again adds to the film’s conflicting tones and ultimate identity crisis. Who exactly is the target audience outside of Bigfoot enthusiasts?’ John Condit, Dread Central

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‘Considering the deep abiding awfulness of most bigfoot movies, Clawed: The Legend of Sasquatch is pretty good, as the cast of unknowns aren’t agregiously bad, and the sasquatch FX aren’t laughable. It does try. But without the great bulk of truly abysmal films of this type in comparison, there’s not a lot to Clawed that would allow it to stand on its own merits.’ Weird Wild Realm


‘The music was overbearing, the acting wooden, the story non-existent and even worse, the whole shambling mess was as boring as watching plaster dry in a footprint casting.’ Reviews of Unusual Size

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Choice dialogue:

“I’ve seen all those campy bigfoot movies and they ain’t scary.”

“We may be dumb but we ain’t stupid, chief.”

Main cast: 

  • Dylan Purcell
  • Brandon Henschel
  • Miles O’Keeffe
  • Jack Conley
  • Chelsea Hobbs
  • Casey LaBow
  • Nathaniel Arcand
  • Michael Bailey Smith
  • Cooper Huckabee (The Funhouse)
  • Christian Boeving
  • Bill Bragg
  • John Patrick Lowrie
  • David ‘Shark’ Fralick
  • Lee Purcell