CLOWN OF THE DEAD aka BADOET (2015) Overview



Badoet is a 2015 Indonesian horror feature film directed by Awi Suryadi and produced by Haresh Kemlani and Daniel Topan for DT Films. The movie stars aforementioned Daniel Topan, Ratu Felisha, Christoffer Nelwan, Marcel Chandrawinata, Aurelie Moeremans, Tiara Westlake, Ronny P. Tjandra.


In an apartment block on the outskirts of Jakarta, three children commit suicide separately. A group of young students decides to investigate and uncover dozens of papers containing a mysterious clown picture in each of the rooms where the three children died.

When an eight-year-old boy named Vino begins drawing the same figure, it seems obvious that he is the next target of the sinister clown…


In the US, Wild Eye Releasing has retitled the movie Clown of the Dead for a DVD release on October 15, 2019.


Cast and characters:

Daniel Topan … Donald
Christoffer Nelwan … Farel
Aurélie Moeremans … Kayla
Ratu Felisha … Raisa
Tiara Westlake … Nikki
Ronny P. Tjandra … Badut (as Ronny Paulus Tjandra)
Marcel Chandrawinata … Rocky

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