THE DEVIL’S WOODS (2015) Reviews and overview

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devil's_ woods

The Devil’s Wood’s is a 2015 Irish horror film written and directed by Anthony White. Its stars Stephen Cromwell, Anthony White and Aidan O Sullivan.

A group of friends trying to repair their strained relationships decide to go on a road trip. En route, they stop off at a small town in the middle of rural Ireland.

However, the seemingly idyllic country town is darkened by a history of strange events. Can a town that is inherently evil literally tear them apart? Can they survive… The Devil’s Woods?


The Devil’s Woods is fairly predictable, and some strange dream sequences just feel like filler. The pacing, which I know I just praised, does become an issue too, when you get to 50 minutes into a 73-minute film and the sh*t has only just hit the fan. I would’ve been happy for at least 10 more minutes of action at the end, more reward for the audience.” UK Horror Scene

” …this 70-minute effort succeeds in using its locations well and builds upon its characters in an assured, unrushed fashion which greatly benefits the payoff. The digital HD photography sometimes struggles to convince as cinema, granted, but White does a good job of utilising imaginative angles and day-for-night set-ups to his advantage.” SGM

“White’s writing and direction establishes tension from the off with a very unexpected turn in the opening scene, and maintains it throughout by ensuring we know the characters, and care about them. He makes creative use of space, going from small apartments to endless fields, and somehow makes them feel equally daunting.” UK Horror Scene

Main cast:

Stephen Cromwell
Anthony White
Aidan O Sullivan
Sandra Hayden Mason
Aoife King
Danielle Keaney
Eoin Quinn
Daniel Mahony
Caoimhe Cassidy


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