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‘Murder is all part of the show’

The Funhouse Massacre is a 2015 American dark comedy horror feature film directed by Andy Palmer (Alien Strain; Welcome to Kain) from a screenplay by Ben Begley.

Robert Kurtzman (It Follows, Fear Clinic, Texas Chainsaw) was the effects makeup supervisor. The movie stars Robert Englund, Clint Howard and Courtney Gains.


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Six of the world’s scariest psychopaths escape from the Stateside Mental Hospital and proceed to unleash terror on the unsuspecting crowd of a Halloween funhouse whose themed mazes are inspired by their various reigns of terror…


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The utterly ridiculous and contrived plot premise initially doesn’t bode well, and yet, The Funhouse Massacre is mildly entertaining. Although somewhat ill-considered and slightly awkward at times, the humour is delightfully dry and becomes sicker as the scenario proceeds, the gory visuals and shadowy scenes are decently filmed and, if nothing else, this is a fast-paced trip to a fictional Funhouse where the Massacre definitely happens apace.

Budgetary considerations mean that it’s a shame that Robert Englund isn’t around longer, though his sarcastic cameo definitely adds value. Essentially, there’s no time to ponder the huge storyline inconsistencies or silliness in the setup. And never mind that, in a genuine volte-face, the victims are more interesting than the psychos…

Adrian J Smith, MOVIES and MANIA

Other reviews:

” … naturally colorful in a lurid, cartoonish way, and while its humor isn’t particularly sophisticated, neither is it as aggressively lowest-common-denominator as many a low-budget horror comedy. The lively pacing throws in plenty of gore without ever dwelling overlong on it — or on anything else, for that matter.” Variety

“Inherent opportunities for irreverent humor exist in concept and characterizations, yet the movie either doesn’t take them or squanders potential by going for lowest common denominator appeal. Multiple moments stray in disparate directions including schlocky gore, family drama, unnecessary nudity, “aw, shucks” romantic interlude, and so on, with none of it tied together through a consistent tone.” Culture Crypt


” … sports inventive gore effects and character design. (A stitch-faced doll-lady and droopy-masked killer-clown are especially creepy.) And the dialogue is sporadically witty, although the filmmakers rattle off too many one-note jokes about millennials’ social media obsessions. But nothing all that shocking or scary happens…” Los Angeles Times

“The simplicity is also a boon to the film’s success, which is odd because many others have tried the “nuts escape to kill innocents” storyline, and it’s fallen flat on too numerous of occasions. However, this massacre is one that I’d certainly buy a ticket for over and over again. Definitely recommended to those who just want a little mindless slaughter in their faces.” Dread Central


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“There are hints of a funny and satisfyingly gory horror-comedy peppered throughout, like when fraidy-cat fry cook Gerardo (Erick Chavarria) frantically cranks his van’s window to get a better look at a body slumped beneath his driver’s-side door. But there are nine dud scenes for every passable one, making enjoyment as likely as winning a kewpie doll at a shady Asbury Park ringtoss.” Village Voice


“Although this film is billed as a horror-comedy, I didn’t find it funny. There’s plenty of gore on display and it looks awesome, especially since this is a low-budget film. But that’s simply not enough to save it from itself. The Funhouse Massacre‘s characters aren’t memorable nor are they unique.” Wicked Horror

Main cast:

  • Robert Englund
  • Clint Howard
  • Courtney Gains – Children of the Corn
  • Robert Peters
  • E.E. Bell
  • Chasty Ballesteros
  • Harry McCane
  • Erick Chavarria
  • Sebastian Siegel
  • Melissa Laffey Flores
  • Kevin W. Shiveley II
  • Rick Fike Jr.
  • Chris Hahn
  • Bridgette Hudyk
  • Jordan Garrett


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