THE DIABOLICAL (2015) Reviews and overview



‘Evil is timeless’

The Diabolical is a 2015 American horror film directed by Alistair Legrand (Clinical) from a screenplay co-written with Luke Harvis. The movie stars Ali Larter (Final Destination; Resident Evil: Extinction/Afterlife), Patrick Fischler, Arjun Gupta, Merrin Dungey (The Madness Inside Me) and Joe Egender.


Madison, a single mother, moves into a haunted house. After being terrorised by ghosts, she enlists the help of her scientist boyfriend…



” … serves as an example of how the new model of an old horror trope with a new twist is growing tired as well. Still, there is enough thought-provoking sci-fi horror at the climax to maybe justify a watch if you’re looking to watch every new release that comes out.” Dread Central

“There’s nothing really obviously boring, it just creeps in around the edges when a scene or two drags on longer than necessary and the haunting isn’t that scary. After that it just becomes a matter of waiting for the explanation. Which is obvious about fifteen minutes from the end. Still, it’s a pretty decent watch…” UK Horror Scene


” … has enough scares to be worthwhile as a genre flick and enough brains to provide a story worth watching. A few plot gaps and unanswered questions keep it from being a great horror movie, but it’s still a very enjoyable one.” We Got This Covered

“… whilst it didn’t register particularly high on the shudder scale, it more than redeems itself with a top-drawer cast and one of the most inspired and sui generis supernatural yarns of recent years.” Scream

” … there’s nothing going on in The Diabolical worth carrying and Jacob’s early-on admonition that they should just f*cking move again is solid advice to anyone in his mother’s cash-strapped position even if their house isn’t haunted. Which, as it happens, is exactly the case here —even if the first 3/4 of the flick tries its best to convince you otherwise. All in all, this one’s well worth taking a pass on.” Trash Film Guru


Cast and characters:

Ali Larter … Madison
Arjun Gupta … Nikolai
Max Rose … Jacob
Chloe Perrin … Haley
Kurt Carley … The Prisoner
Merrin Dungey … Mrs Wallace
Patrick Fischler … Austin
Wilmer Calderon … Miguel
Tom Wright … Curtis
Laura Margolis … Marcy
Joe Egender … Carl


The Diabolical premiered at SXSW on March 17, 2015, and was released in the US by XLrator Media.


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