Curve – USA, 2015 – overview and reviews

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Curve is a 2015 American horror thriller feature film directed by Iain Softley (Hackers; Skeleton Key) from a screenplay by Kimberly Lofstrom Johnson and Lee Patteson.

Co-produced by Jason Blum for his Blumhouse Productions banner, Curve had its world premiere at the Film4 Fright Fest on August 31, 2015.

The movie stars Julianne Hough and Teddy Sears (American Horror Story: Murder House).

A young bride-to-be deliberately crashes her car off a deserted highway in an attempt to escape from a seemingly charming, but highly predatory hitchhiker. When the plan backfires, trapping her in an overturned vehicle, she defends herself against the crazed psychopath…


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“Softley’s direction is phenomenal. He keeps the movie so contained that you will start to feel claustrophobic, and his use of ‘show don’t tell’ is masterful. Because the film was shot on location with real props and a real atmosphere, Curve feels very genuine and that only adds to the drama. And this is all carried beautifully by Hough.” Luke Owen, Flickering Myth

“Generically shot, unconvincingly acted, and with a script that squanders its best idea in favour of your usual horror fluff, this is one of the Blumhouse films that is not likely to be quoted on posters besides Paranormal Activity, Sinister, and The Purge. They may not have all been great films, but at least they tapped into some form of caring. Curve is unfortunately one third an alright film, one third set-up, and one third awful.”


” … both actors kept me watching, even when the film started losing some steam. Add to all some genuine moments of tension (all about that scene with the killer and the cop… they had me), a handful of revolting bits, Softely’s stylish eye making the whole go down smooth visually and a finale that went all out in the brutality department and you get a decent time killer.” Arrow in the Head

” … while Curve is in no way especially awful, it most certainly is one of the most formulaic, “cookie-cutter,” by-the-numbers “survival horror” movies you’ll ever see, and fades from memory more or less the instant the end credits stop rolling — assuming you even make it that far.” Ryan Carey, Trash Film Guru


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