Evil Souls – Italy | UK, 2015 – reviews


‘Some men are born evil, others are created.’

Evil Souls is a 2015 Italian-British supernatural horror feature film directed by Maurizio and Roberto del Piccolo from a screenplay written by the latter.

The movie stars Julian Boote, Peter Cosgrove, Holli Dillon, Lisa Holsappel-Marrs, Emanuele Ignomirelli, Paola Masciadri, Federico Rossi and Sean James Sutton.


A child is born with a prophecy preordained. The guardian of the room unleashes his wrath on those who challenge his will. His evil soul knows no boundary as he ravages his sister in sexual gratification, selling her to the highest bidder.

Fate is written, but Valentine has to fulfil his destiny. kidnapping two girls he is intent upon unleashing hell, until a priest, sensing ancient evil, knows he must find a way to stop it. With subterfuge, hate, denial and lust, the journey to a room of terror has just begun…


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“Deliberately paced and well-directed by Maurizio and Roberto del Piccolo, Evil Souls does not shy away from displaying shocking gore or from exploring the most disturbing implications of the film’s scenario. It’s a well-made and intelligent film that I recommend every horror fan see. Just don’t expect to get a good night’s sleep afterward.” Horror Critic

“This is clearly not your parents horror film, it is made for an audience that not only wants to be terrified but wants a shockingly intense ride thru the gates of what hell could be like. I have sat thru Serbian Films, Bunny Games, etc. but there are some moments in this film that disturbing would not even touch the surface.” Wicked Channel

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