‘The hunters become the hunted’

Creature in the Woods aka Wild Man of the Woods is a 2017 American found footage horror feature film directed by Elijah C. Richardson, Jr., Leroy E. Bryant II and Gordon DelGiorno (actor in Shockheaded); it stars Freemon Jackson, Jessica Pearson and Alex Pappaterra.

Amateur filmmaker Chanda Patel, survivalist Demetrius “Dem” Barrett and Nicholas “Nic” Pierce set out in the Carolina woodlands to film a survival documentary.

While filming, the camera inadvertently catches a glimpse of a hairy man-like creature in the woods. Chanda and Nic’s imagination immediately run wild upon discovery of the footage and they talk a less than eager Dem into abandoning the survival film to track what they believe is the legendary Bigfoot beast, unwittingly filming their own demise, as the hunters become the hunted…

Filming locations:

Granogue Estate Property Montchanin, Wilmington, Delaware
Chadds Ford Tavern, Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania