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‘This day will be our last’

11/11/11 is a 2011 supernatural horror feature film directed by Keith Allan (actor in Z Nation; Zombie Night; Rise of the Zombies) from a screenplay co-written with Kiff Scholl (voice actor in Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!). It stars Jon Briddell, Erin Coker and Hayden Byerly.

The Asylum production is a “mockbuster” take on Darren Lynn Bousman’s 11-11-11 and is also influenced by The Omen (1976).

Having moved into a new home, Jack and Melissa Vales become increasingly frightened as their young son, Nathan, expresses violent and bizarre behaviour.

Unfortunately, the couple soon learn is that on their son’s upcoming birthday of November 11, the Apocalypse will occur and Nathan is the gateway…

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“The atmosphere that director Keith Allen created was pretty good, and there were ample opportunities for something to jump out and grab you, startle you up a bit, but it didn’t happen in this horror movie, and if it did it was pulled off so ineffectively that I didn’t notice it when it did happen.” Film Critics United


“It’s a cheap quickie that wears its origins on its sleeves. Not all is lost in this uninspired, lazily written dud as the director is able to bring everything together in a comprehensible fashion. It generally looks good and is an improvement over typical releases from this film company.” HNN


“The screenplay by director Keith Allan and Kiff Scholl may be bland, but there’s enough WTF moments here to make this an interesting watch (especially with a few friends and a few beers). The neighbors hot-boxed meetings in the van just outside the Vales house are perhaps the best unmeant hilarious moments in the film.” Movie Mavericks


Cast and characters:

  • Jon Briddell as Jack Vales – The Haunting of Whaley HouseHot Wax Zombies on Wheels
  • Erin Coker as Melissa Vales – 13/13/13; Shark Week
  • Hayden Byerly as Nathan “Nat” Vales
  • Tracy J. Pulliam as Janice Karpinsky
  • Madonna Magee as Annie
  • David Bertolami as Chris Demms
  • Rebecca Sigl as Sarah Blight
  • Kiff Scholl as Brian Miles
  • Aurelia Scheppers as Denise
  • Kari Nissena as Sofie
  • Scott McKinley as Doctor James Bolger
  • Lauren Dobbins Webb as Rhonda
  • Nicholas S. Williams as Mick
  • Melissa Wintringham as Marie
  • Raymond Gaston as Kahlid Othman
  • Catherine Lidstone as Miranda Bolger


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