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‘Sent from Hell … to feed on flesh’

Shapeshifter is a 2005 American supernatural horror feature film directed by Gregory Lemkin from a screenplay co-written with A. Everett Howe. The Asylum production stars Jennifer Lee Wiggins, Ocean Marciano, Chris Facey.


Inmates and guards alike become trapped in a maximum security prison when they fall prey to a demonic beast that feeds on human flesh. As the creature’s power multiplies with every kill, their only chance for survival is to uncover the ancient mystery that holds the power of the shapeshifter…


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Shapeshifter’s biggest flaw arrives hard and fast, and it’s not the off-cue opening rap music […] or the yellow color palette that hurts the eyes. It’s actually the Shapeshifter itself, a mysterious character that loses all ambiguity when the movie reveals him in full view within the first three minutes of the movie.” Horror DNA

” …director Gregory Lemkin (who also co-wrote) decides to shoot most of the attack sequences using the typical hyperactive camera and blurring most low-budget movies use to try and hide the fact their creature is just a “man in a suit” – which I find unnecessary as the film’s main audience are people used to this sort of thing.” The Video Graveyard

“Instead of character development, Shapeshifter jumps right to the gooey stuff right to the gore. I like gore don’t get me wrong here, but if you are going to go straight to the gore… you might as well do away with your plot while you’re at it. Such films to do so were films like Nikos the Impaler and boy did that reek.” Terror Hook

The monster looked pretty good and the movie had some decent gore effects, opening up with Leigh Scott getting ripped to shreds which I’m sure delighted many who saw Transmorphers and also the Green Mile Brother who went mano a monstero with the creature which was a pretty one sided affair…” Film Critics United

Main cast:

Jennifer Lee Wiggins (American Exorcism; Bled; I Am Omega), Ocean Marciano, Chris Facey (Good Satan), Vaz Andreas, Marat Glazer, Thomas Downey, Joel Hebner, A.J. Hammond, Steven Glinn, Byron Washington, Charles Schneider, Louis Mendoza, Bobby James, Brian J. Garland, Elliot Ruiz.

Filming locations:

Lincoln Heights Jail, 401 N. Avenue 19, Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles, California

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