THE VAULT (2017) Reviews and overview


‘No one is safe’

The Vault is a 2017 supernatural horror thriller directed by Dan Bush (The Signal) from a screenplay co-written with Conal Byrne. It stars James Franco, Francesca Eastwood, Scott Haze and Taryn Manning.

In order to save their brother Michael’s life, the Dillon sisters, Leah and Vee have organized a bank robbery, but when the upstairs vault doesn’t have enough money to cover Michael’s debt, on the advice of Assistant Bank Manager Ed Maas, they drill into the downstairs vault.

However, the bank’s basement hides a terrible secret and before long, the Dillons have to choose whether to face the police outside or the terrible supernatural forces in the vault below…

In the US, FilmRise release The Vault on limited VOD on September 1, 2017. A British cinema and digital release is slated for 8 September 2017.


“Splattered with jump scares and with a penchant of blood, the film’s ability to add the supernatural in a grounded drama is testament to Dan Bush’s passion for good storytelling. With a great cast, gripping performances and enough to keep seasoned horror fans content, The Vault is a must see!” Bloodguts

“There just isn’t anyone to really care or cheer for and in a way it is even hard to tell who are supposed to be the good- and bad ‘guys’ in this. Perhaps this was intentional, but it remains an absolute fact that it in this case never makes the movie the most engaging one to watch.” Boba_Fett1138

“The film’s First Act delivers some awesome suspense, putting us on edge immediately and then toying with us as we wait for the (bloody) shoe to drop. Acts 2 & 3 are problematic and meandering, losing pace at several crucial moments, allowing less invested viewers an opportunity to tune out.” Horrorfreak News

” …The Vault is an entertaining horror offering, gory enough for those that like that kind of thing. It gets itself a little tangled in its ambition to be psychologically penetrating regarding the motivations of its various characters. This particular vault appears to be haunted as much by the victims of materialism as by violent ghouls.” The Movie Waffler

“Bush does bring tension and thrills to the film but there are times when this ebbs away. Moments when the robbers are stood around watching a monitor or staring at the police through the window, slow everything down and the tension must be built up all over again. The Vault is a good, moderately budgeted film.” OC Movie Reviews

“This is a nice blend of heist and horror that goes along at a nice pace that does not slow down once the action starts. There are some good performances but the dialogue is a bit loose and there were a couple of instances where a character would say something that contradicted their actions a few minutes earlier.” Phase 9 Entertainment

“The plot, in the hands of a better writer and director, could have been something special as well, but writer/director Dan Bush apparently wasn’t up to the task of telling the complex story he conceived and ended up leaning heavily on tropes from both genres instead of innovating and creating something brand new. In conclusion you should probably skip The Vault.Dread Central

Cast and characters:

  • Francesca Eastwood as Leah Dillon
  • Taryn Manning as Vee Dillon
  • Scott Haze as Michael Dillon
  • Q’orianka Kilcher as Susan Cromwell
  • Clifton Collins Jr. as Detective Iger
  • James Franco as Ed Maas
  • Keith Loneker as Cyrus
  • Jeff Gum as James Aiken
  • Jill Jane Clements as Mary
  • Michael Milford as Kramer
  • Aleksander Vayshelboym as Ben
  • Debbie Sherman as Lauren
  • Lee Broda as Nancy
  • Anthony DiRocco as Mark Fishman
  • Dmitry Paniotto as Max
  • Adina Galupa as Rebecca
  • Beatrice Hernandez as Pamela
  • Cristin Azure as Baghead Samantha
  • Rebecca Ray as Samantha
  • John D. Hickman as Marty
  • Robin Martino as Baghead Rebecca
  • Keenan Rogers as Baghead Thomas

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