Bloodsucker’s Handbook – USA, 2012

‘Turn the page to terror’

Bloodsucker’s Handbook is a 2012 American surrealist horror film written, produced, edited and directed by Mark Beal. Originally titled Enchiridion, the film, some of which is animated, was re-shot, re-edited and the title was changed. It stars Cory W. AhreJeremy Herrera and Jessica Bell.

A priest is recruited by federal marshals to help deal with a vampire they’ve taken into custody. Then things get weird…


It starts out only slightly odd and slowly draws the audience into its increasingly surreal world. Good performances by the leads, most especially Jeremy Herrara as the vampire Condu, help keep the viewers engaged and anchored amidst the madness. It may be a little rough around the edges, but that only adds to its quirky charm.” Paul Cardullo, Gruesome magazine

“It looks awful, there’s little to no acting and the dialog reads like the transcript of a Sunday morning hangover after a too-many-cheap-burritos-and-tequila bender. Yet, all that said, I like it. Somehow despite the low quality Beal has shaped surrealistic tackiness into a thrilling dark horror film experience, probably most prudently undertaken with some absinthe on hand.” Bradley Gibson, Film Threat

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“Some of the bright spots include pretentious performance art, an old man licking a toad, a pterodactyl on the dance floor, a primate bookkeeper, and of course, the dog detective we all love. The atmosphere is weird and unpredictable, the stop motion is bizarre but awesome, and this is just one of those movies you need to see to believe.”

“Straight faced surrealism that mixes the look and feel of an off beat, low budget late noir film (it’s set in 1966) with a vampire movie and a priest’s crisis of faith story […] There’s a very good, very restrained jazz score that matches the equally restrained acting and visual style, all of which somehow keeps one from thinking how absurd the whole thing is. A bit like a David Lynch film, especially Eraserhead, but with a cooler sensibility.” Larcher-2, IMDb

Image credits: Gruesome magazine

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