SACRILEGE (2017) Reviews and overview


‘If you can hear it, then you are already dead.’

Sacrilege is a 2017 American supernatural horror feature film directed by Paul Catalanotto (Proof of the Devil) from a screenplay co-written with Mary Nguyen Catalanotto and Mark Twain Williams. It stars Kim Baptiste, Megan Few and Jenn Foreman.


Carefree and desperate to avoid any responsibility, Jessica, a college student, visits a yard sale to buy a gift for her best friend.

However, the music box she brings home is haunted by a vicious demonic entity eager to feed off the lives of all who hear the box’s melody.

After her best friend takes her own life, Jessica seeks the aid of two ghost hunters, but they too find themselves out of their depth. Desperate to free herself of the cursed box, she searches for the box’s origin only to find that true evil begins with best of intentions…


Sacrilege’s greatest challenge is its pacing; it started off very strong, grabbing viewers’ attention and making them want to watch more, but then it inconsistently slowed down and sped up in a way that could potentially cause viewers to lose focus.” Cryptic Rock

“Some of the acting may make you wince but the story is a good one and when the drama ramps up, actress Jenn Foreman as Jessica shows that she has what it takes to carry the film. It is shot well but as is the case with many horror movies, it has a tendency to show you more of the ghosts too early leaving you unchallenged at the next jump scare.” Horrorscreams Videovault

“The ghost girl has her scary moments, which is few and far between. But she doesn’t do enough to make you want to cower in fright. As far as horror films go, Sacrilege ranks low and isn’t really worth your time, even late at night with nothing else to watch…” The Other View

“The film looks good enough and the ghost girl can be quite menacing. Judging from some of the later scenes where they transition from tepid annoyance to manic resignation, Foreman seems like she could have easily been able to turn in a memorable performance if the writing gave her anything to do. Baptiste also comes off as very confident and natural but is also hindered by the indifference that plagues the rest of the film.” Horror Buzz

“Despite some stumbling blocks in character development, the script’s dialogue has good bits that build to the ultimate reveal of the box’s sad origins. Chad Graham (RagaruJune 2015) plays a vital role as the original box owner Carl, and his menacing countenance does the role justice as he delivers the climactic twist, which—while not earth-shattering—is worthy of a “well done” nod.” HNN

“Overall, Sacrilege is pretty decent. It feels like it’s ripping off a lot of other horror movies that executed things better. Still, it manages to do a surprisingly good job in its own right. It’s filled with horror tropes but I cannot deny that I was entertained.” Games, Brrraaains, and a Head-Banging Life

” …there’s some seriously shoddy acting (I’ll withhold names to protect the innocent) and some plot holes that a cruise ship could sail right through, but with some intricately placed jump scares and some mind-warping twists in the film’s latter-half, Sacrilege isn’t a complete abomination…” Dread Central

Main cast:

  • Kim Baptiste as Doctor Harris – The Devil’s Dolls aka Worry Dolls; Bayou Tales; Shark Lake
  • Megan Few as Samantha – Kudzu Zombies; Demons; Making of a Serial Killer; The Legend of Industrial Ghost-Wolf
  • Jenn Foreman as Jessica – 13 Sins; Dark Circles; Dead of Night (TV series)
  • Jordan Salloum as Cole
  • Greg Pearson as Ted
  • Chad Graham as Carl
  • Daniel Levy as Tall dark and all over you
  • Carmen Tonry as Little Demon
  • Christine Tonry as Nancy


Not to be confused with the 2020 British film of the same name directed by David Creed.