WELCOME TO ARROW BEACH aka TENDER FLESH (1973) Reviews and overview

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‘A nice place to visit… but no place to live.’

Welcome to Arrow Beach is a 1973 [released 1974] American horror feature film directed by and starring actor Laurence Harvey who died of stomach cancer on 25th November 1973 in London, England. Stuart Whitman, Joanna Pettet, John Ireland and Meg Foster also star.


The film has also been released as Tender Flesh; And No-One Would Believe Her; Deranged and Cold Storage.

The film opens with the following written statement: ‘There is a witch’s tale that once a man has eaten human flesh, he will do it again. And again. And again.’


A hippie girl wandering on a California beach is taken in by a Korean War veteran who lives in a nearby mansion with his sister. The girl soon begins to suspect that the mansion is home to some very strange goings-on involving murder and cannibalism…



“The film simply doesn’t know what it wants to be. It’s a horror movie that forgets it’s a horror movie. I haven’t seen a picture change its way as much as this without Ray Dennis Steckler’s name on the credits.” Apocalypse Later


“A good film could be made about a psychopathic recluse who has a chamber of horrors in his house where he cuts up and eats people. And of course it was made. By Tobe Hooper. That same year. On the other hand, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre doesn’t have a theme song sung by Lou Rawls, so maybe it evens out.” Plate O’Shrimp

“Starting with a long shot of a nudist beach sets the pervading theme of voyeurism. This is then added to other interesting themes … sleaze, murder, madness and mayhem! Trust me, this movie is never boring.” Slasherama


“An unpleasant but absorbing horror film that has acquired a modicum of cult status.” John Elliot, Elliot’s Guide to Films on Video

“ …inept and distasteful.” Variety, 15 May 1974

Cast and characters:

Filming locations:

5 February to early March 1973 in Santa Barbara, California


The original UK cinema release featured the full uncut print. Warner Brothers later relinquished the rights and it was then picked up by Brut Pictures who heavily re-edited it by around 15 minutes, removing most of the cannibalism elements. At the time of writing, is yet to achieve a legitimate DVD release.



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