SORORAL aka DARK SISTER (2014) Reviews and overview


‘You only hurt the ones you love.’

Sororal – aka Dark Sister – is a 2014 Australian neo-giallo horror film directed by Sam Barrett (Esoterica; No Through Road) from a screenplay co-written with Robbie Studsor. The movie stars Amanda Woodhams, Austin Castiglione, Nicola Bartlett and Vito de Francesco.


Cassie, an artist, fears the bloodthirsty visions in her nightmares and waking hours are actually real-life murders. When an investigator meets up with her to confirm her suspicions, Cassie must use her ability to stop the mysterious murderer in their tracks as those closest to her fall prey to the killer…


“A plot involving a creepy doll, absent fathers, genetics and evil all wrapped up in a neo-giallo package makes for a very surreal watch indeed! Whilst Sororal struggles as a form of storytelling, the effort gone into the style of the film has to be applauded.” Horror Cult Films

” …Barrett’s film does veer in the category of the absurd and seems to cram many plot twists and changes into one film that drags it down slightly, yet it does have some nice stylistic touches, a very good soundtrack and an obvious and affectionate appreciation for the style of giallo.” James Pemberton, UK Horror Scene


Main cast:

  • Amanda Woodhams
  • Austin Castiglione
  • Nicola Bartlett
  • Vito de Francesco
  • Liam Graham
  • James Helm
  • Jeremy Levi
  • Megan Palinkas

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