DIE CHEERLEADER DIE (2008) Reviews and overview


‘The only good cheerleader is a dead cheerleader’

Die Cheerleader Die is a 2008 American slasher horror film written and directed by Jerry Peterson [as Fred Stephens]. It stars Maria Rantis, Nour Ayob and David Boyer.

“Dullsville is a town full of young adults who like nothing more than their social status. It’s a town that is driven by college cliques and who’s dating who. All of that is about to change!

This peaceful town is about to realize that there is more to life than who is the cheerleading captain …or is there? What starts out as an unexplainable tragedy quickly turns into a unforgettable massacre!”


“It is very poorly photographed, seemingly as though by students who had never handled a video camera before. The entire film seems to have been shot only with natural lighting and it is clear that none of the actors have even been made up. Some of the acting would seem to be conducted by untrained amateurs that give the impression that they have had no prior experience.” Richard Scheib, Moria

Filming locations:

Chicago, Illinois, USA

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