FOREST OF THE VAMPIRE (2016) Reviews and overview


‘The domain of the damned’

Forest of the Vampire is a 2016 American supernatural horror film written, produced, photographed, edited and directed by John R. Hand (JoelThe Synthetic Man; Frankenstein’s Bloody Nightmare). It stars Caitlyn Moore, Paul Camp and Starla Snowdon.

Four young people on a road trip take a detour and hike into a remote forest, finding a strange local landmark named Enchanted Rock.

The friends soon discover that the forest is under the control of a vampire and his underlings, and now they must fight for survival while finding the source of the vampire’s mysterious powers…


“The problems with Forest of the Vampire are somewhat endless: the sound mixing is way off, leaving the ladies barely audible in spots; similarly, sound is overdubbed in places and does not match to the video; there is a bizarre acid-trip, sci-fi green-screen thing going on at the end of the film; props like the talisman that is mentioned look like bad grade-school art projects; etc.” Jeannie Blue, Cryptic Rock

“The more otherworldly aspect struggled both because of the starry world visuals but also because the nature and relationship of Baal and Neptis were under-explored and the exposition rushed (and vocally distorted). That said I was taken by a lot of the Euro-horror aspects and some of the photography; I really liked the filtering and the portraits.” Taliesin Meets the Vampires

Main cast and characters:

  • Caitlyn Moore … Jessica – Franky; Urban MythsSoulless
  • Paul Camp … Baal – Jollenbach
  • Starla Snowdon … Neptis
  • Ian Pala … Rex
  • Joe De Luca … Jim
  • Destiny Baldwin … Tina – From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series
  • Stevie Marceaux … Lisa
  • Phoebe Rivas … D.J.
  • Richard Tuckwell-Brown … Chance
  • April Hand … Camper Mom #1 – Sam
  • Kasey Sherwood … Camper Mom #2 – Laurie
  • Gary Kent … Man in Store – Bonehill RoadRevenge of the Devil Bat; The ForestDracula vs. FrankensteinThe Incredible 2-Headed TransplantSinthia: The Devil’s Doll; The Mighty Gorga 

Filming locations:

Austin and Cedar Park, Texas