PARANORMAL DEMONS (2018) Reviews and now free to watch online


Paranormal Demons is a 2018 German supernatural found footage horror film written, produced, directed by and starring David Brückner (shorts: Miami Horror Nights; Slender Man; Slashing Love). The Ghost Pictures production also stars Kristina Kostiv, Sebastian Gutsche and Sascha von Hinrichs.


An international group of film students finds a disturbing video clip on the dark web which seems to contain poltergeist phenomena. Agreed that it’s just what they need for their latest documentary project the group travels to the sanatorium shown in the video clip.

Once there, they rig up their camera equipment and start to explore the possible ghost activities – until the true horror begins…


“This is easily the most played out setup of horror movies today and this one doesn’t do anything new or different at all. Everything about this film is very subpar. The acting, cinematography, sound, effects, and overall direction are quite bad to put it nicely.” Mike DeGroot

Main cast:

  • David Brückner … Dave
  • Kristina Kostiv … Mrs White
  • Sebastian Gutsche … TBC
  • Sascha von Hinrichs … TBC
  • Moloch … Golem
  • Michael Krug … Stranger
  • Josh Madry … Josh
  • Kris Santa … TBC
  • Olivia Dean … Mary Sheffield
  • Ildiko Preszly … Julia
  • Ingolf Funke … TBC
  • Sebastian Matthias Weißbach … Michael


Full film free to watch online:

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