AXE TO GRIND (2015) Overview


‘Lights. Camera. Revenge.’

Axe to Grind is a 2015 American horror film directed by Matt Zettell (Resurrection County; The Cellar Door) from a screenplay written by Scott C. Sanford. It stars Debbie Rochon, Matt Gulbranson and Guy Torry.


B-movie legend, actress Debbie Wilkins, has just been replaced by a 23 year-old scream queen in her lovers bed.

More importantly she’s been left out of her lovers new film. Debbie doesn’t take rejection well…


Axe to Grind truly centers around the eye candy which is all over the screen, but it is more than beautiful women […] What I did not like about Axe to Grind is how it is yet another film that portrays the cast and crew of horror movies as incompetent and lazy.” Wicked Horror

” …the premise is let down by the lack of plot and acting, something the film itself references (points for trying but simply saying ‘our film doesn’t really have much of a plot, just tits and violence’ isn’t enough to excuse this, especially when as film-makers you are self-aware enough to make this point).” James Wright

“Debbie truly steals the show, for this film, and yet her acting talents bring everyone else to raise their game to equal her long time legendary skillful performance.  True horror fans will enjoy this slashing, splitting and slaughtering spraying across the screen with delight as flashes brilliance echoes, with humor and insanity run amok setting the stage for a much encouraged sequel.” Baron Craze, Rogue Cinema

“Some gruesome killings (though the movie never goes full slaughterhouse), some creepy characters, but also some sexy girls, one of whom’s also a great killer, bits of nudity to keep everyone happy, plenty of dark humour, and a general not-too-serious approach to the material.” Mike Haberfelner, Search My Trash

“The story offers up some cheeky humor with dialog that is delivered with zest. Sometimes the acting falls flat and feels contrived, but for the most part Axe to Grind runs smoothly. Debbie Rochon is all about her character from the word go! I imagine playing this character was a bit cathartic.” A Southern Horror Fan

Cast and characters:

  • Debbie Rochon … Debbie Wilkins
  • Guy Torry … Eddie Wilcox
  • Dani Thompson … Nikki
  • Michelle Tomlinson … Cheryl
  • Matthew James Gulbranson … Peter Burgess
  • Adrian Quihuis … Norman
  • Paula LaBaredas … Delilah Finn
  • Tony Von Halle … Lance
  • Rachael Robbins … Ginger Garson
  • Tawny Amber Young … Tawny
  • Kelsey Zukowski … Young Debbie

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