HOUSE OF DEMONS aka TRIP HOUSE (2018) Reviews and overview


House of Demons aka Trip House is a 2018 horror film written and directed by Patrick Meaney. The Respect Films production stars Amber Benson, Kaytlin Borgen and Morgan Peter Brown.

Four estranged friends reunite and spend the night in a remote country house that was once home to a Manson Family like cult.

As the night goes on, the strange rituals in the house’s past open connections between the past, the present and the subconscious, forcing all the characters to confront their deepest secrets and darkest demons, or be destroyed by them…

Reviews [may contain spoilers]:

There are a few solid scares in Trip House and a bizarre appearance of Santa Claus to be expected in this weird little film. The budget is low, but the solid acting and deft story really covers that up pretty well. Intense character dissections and great performances are what you’re going to get when you enter this Trip House.” Ain’t It Cool News

“If you like trippy films and horror films, then you will most likely enjoy the ride, however, if straight ahead narratives are more your jam, then you might want to pass on this one. I enjoyed the film and it will find a home with a certain audience and they will relish the film’s quirkiness.” Barb’s Video

“As far as the cast of House of Demons, they are not only mesmerizing in their delivery, but extremely relatable. We see these individuals driven to the brink of insanity and see how well or how poorly they grapple with their inner demons.” Cryptic Rock

“I felt the story started to become overworked when a demon was presented. Then add in the drug use, the loss of a family member, off-shoots to the characters fears and you are left with a story that becomes a lot to digest in its 90 minute runtime.” Shannon McGraw, Nightmarish Conjurings

“Overall, Trip House is a highly impressive debut that works with what it has to create a gripping and compelling story. There’s occasional a bit of awkward acting or cliched dialogue, but as an experience Trip House is hugely enjoyable and definitely more than worthy of your time.” Josh McCullough, We the Nerdy

Cast and characters:

  • Amber Benson … Maya –  The Crooked ManTom Holland’s Twisted TalesSupernatural TV series; One-Eyed MonsterAttack of the GryphonBuffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Kaytlin Borgen … Gwen
  • Morgan Peter Brown … Spencer – All the Creatures Were StirringContracted: Phase II; OuijaAbsentiaSigned in Blood
  • Dove Meir … Frazer –  La venganza de la vampira (short)
  • Whitney Moore … Katrina – Contracted: Phase II; Birdemic and sequel; RotgutThe Theatre BizarreA Horrible Way to Die
  • Jeff Torres … Matthew
  • Tiffany Smith … Samantha
  • Chloe Dykstra … Nancy
  • Taliesin Jaffe … Dave
  • Alexia Dox … Dawn
  • Jeff Berg … Jeff
  • Paradox Pollack … Demon
  • Brian Townes … Derek

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