I STILL SEE YOU (2018) Reviews and overview


I Still See You is a 2018 American supernatural fantasy thriller feature film directed by Scott Speer from a screenplay by Jason Fuchs, based on the novel Break My Heart 1,000 Times by Daniel Waters.

The movie stars Bella Thorne, Amy Price-Francis, Hugh Dillon, Shaun Benson, Dave Brown, Thomas Elms, Louis Herthum, and Dermot Mulroney.

The movie was released by Lionsgate in the USA in selected theaters and on VOD on October 12, 2018.


Nine years after an apocalyptic event kills off millions and leaves the world haunted by ghosts, a young woman, Veronica “Roni” Calder (Bella Thorne), receives a threatening message from beyond the grave.

Roni joins forces with a mysterious classmate named Kirk Lane (Richard Harmon) and descends into a shadow world that blurs the boundaries between the living and the dead. Together, the duo must race against time to stop a tenacious killer…


“Even with its mood meter pinging far further toward ‘darkly dour’ than ‘popcorn fun,’ enjoyment can still be mined from the movie. Granted, the ending becomes particularly dim and the overall experience might evaporate entirely when you let out a yawn during end credits. But the film is produced well for what it is and performances are fine for the most part.” Ian Sedensky, Culture Crypt

“The main reason I Still See You doesn’t come together is that Speer and Fuchs are so focused on complicating their already over-convoluted plot that Veronica’s fate is ultimately determined by generic reasons that have nothing to do with the film’s bigger ideas or internal logic. Say what you want about the first half of I Still See You, but at least it cursorily made sense when the great threat that Veronica faced was a beefcake ghost.” Simon Abrams, RogerEbert.com