Rust – USA, 2015 – review


‘Prepare to meet evil himself’

Rust is a 2015 American slasher horror feature film written and directed by Joe Lujan (Atelophobia and sequels; The Killer Monroes; Twisted Forest 3: Bloody Vengeance). The Carcass Studios production stars Corey Taylor, Taylor Kilgore, Morlon Greenwood, Lindsey Cruz and Paul Tumpson.

Best buddies Heather and Morgan meet up with some friends at an abandoned scare attraction. What they don’t know is within the house lives a cannibalistic madman. They soon find themselves fighting to survive. They are now being hunted down by non other then the unmerciful Travis McLennan…


Rust was distributed by Wild Eye Releasing. A sequel, Rust 2, was filmed in 2016.

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“Lackluster acting, a script that seems to repeat itself more than it needs to, muffled dialog (which even subtitles only pick up as “indistinct chatter”), and an obnoxiously obvious wig for main actress Corey Taylor are just some of the reasons why you can pass up on this one.” Repulsive Reviews

Filming locations:

Asylum and Hotel Fear haunted houses in Las Vegas, Nevada

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