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‘/ Heks / 1. Cast a spell on; bewitch’

Hex is a 2018 Canadian-American supernatural horror feature film directed by Rudolf Buitendach (Selling Isobel) from a screenplay co-written with Christian Piers Betley. The movie stars Ross McCall, Jenny Boyd and Kelly Blatz.

Ben (Kelly Blatz) and Amber (Jenny Boyd) meet up in the idyllic heart of tourist Cambodia. They are immediately physically attracted, but what do they really know about one another?


“Following in the footsteps of folk horrors like The Wicker Man, Kill List, and Spring, Buitendach has created a film that is confidently strange and uncanny, without ever being forced […] What could have very easily been another fish-out-of-water horror film, is actually at pains to develop an unusual relationship at the core of the film, namely the interdependence of Amber and Ben…” Rohan Crickmar, Raindance

Cast and characters:

  • Ross McCall … Isaac
  • Jenny Boyd … Amber Kelly
  • Kelly Blatz … Ben Trepanier
  • Adrian Hough … Nicolai
  • Philip Philmar … De Rais
  • Sarita Reth … Lillie
  • Sveng Socheata … Mae
  • Dara Phang … Peasant
  • Steve Bakken … Daniel Trepanier
  • Sisowath Siriwudd … Chhor Eal
  • Estefania Villaespesa … Alma
  • Sona Seng … Issac’s Girlfriend
  • Vandy Piseth … Charlie
  • Vicheka Tit … Karaoke Musician
  • Srey Sor Pheap … Daniel’s Girlfriend

Filming locations:


Running time: 85 minutes


Hex had its world premiere at the Raindance Film Festival in London on 27 September 2018.


This film should not be confused with the 2017 British folk horror movie of the same name.

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