MORTAL REMAINS (2013) Reviews and overview


‘Some secrets should stay buried.’

Mortal Remains is a 2013 American mockumentary horror feature film  written and directed by Mark Ricche and Christian Stavrakis.

Mortal Remains 2: Cult Movie is currently filming in 2019.


A documentary focusing on the life, brief career, and mysterious death of Maryland filmmaker Karl Atticus, referred to by some as the “godfather of the slasher film.”

Features interviews with various historians and aficionados including Eduardo Sanchez, director of The Blair Witch Project, who in a 2008 interview posited the question: Why, for nearly four decades, has Atticus’s story been practically eradicated from the annals of cinematic history?


“Mark and Christian deliver a solid tale on a low budget that doesn’t fall into the usual pitfalls of bad acting, a weak narrative, and an unsatisfactory conclusion […] the story takes several intriguing turns until the outstanding ending that delivers an added chill and one hell of an exclamation point.” Crash Palace

“Atticus films and and newspaper articles from the 1970’s help take the audience along for the ride. The documentary technique keeps things interesting and some well-placed, appropriate found-footage adds to the mystery. Mortal Remains offers an original concept with excellent storytelling.” Horror Geek Life

“A few horror scenes exist though not much gore, again this production centers more on mystery and thriller, with the ability of sound storytelling […] a bit of pacing and a few continuity issues occur, but not enough to ruin the overall conceptual design of flick.” The Horror Times

“Cinematography is about average, but that doesn’t really matter when you glue together the film’s overall journey. Acting really is acceptable, from start to finish, and fits easily into the motion picture – no overacting, no irritating teenager shit – just believable performances throughout.” Top Found Footage Films

Main cast and characters:

  • John Amplas … Man in Parking Garage – Day of the Dead; Creepshow; Bloodeaters; Martin
  • Bryan Beard … Evil Hippie #2
  • Elizabeth Brokaw … Frightened Moviegoer
  • Charles Craig … Newscaster (as Charles F. Craig)
  • Eric Cravenor … Violent Rioter (as Eric S. Cravenor)
  • Michael Coote … Sgt. Patrick Ryerson / Vomiting Moviegoer (as Michael V. Coote)
  • Brett Day … Professor Lyle Thackeray
  • Mia Gillespie … Evil Hippie #3
  • Peter Graf … Karl Atticus
  • Michael Gornick … Documentary Narrator
  • James ‘Doc’ Herrmann … Mercenary #1 (Hauser)
  • Grant L. Hopkins … Cemetery Manager (as Grant Leslie Hopkins)
  • Mark Janicko … Victim in Footage
  • Derek January … Tribal Man
  • Addison Johns … Cloaked Figure #2
  • Albert Johns … Andrew Gresh
  • Timothy Johns … Medical Examiner / Cloaked Figure #1
  • Lee Karr Lee Karr … Vernon Blake
  • Kurt Kulhanek … TV Reporter
  • Paul Machusko … Sexton
  • Ralph McIntyre … Roland Meyer
  • Chris Mitri … Evil Hippie #1 (as Christopher M. Mitri)
  • George E. Morris … Himself
  • Jay Moser … Loch Raven Man #1
  • Victor E. Navarro … Victor Schultz
  • Trevor Okonak … Police Officer at Riot
  • Josh Pachter … Josh Phillips

Filming locations:

Rockville, Maryland
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Technical details:

95 minutes

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