0.0 MHz (2019) Reviews and overview


0.0 MHz is a 2019 South Korean supernatural horror feature film about members of a paranormal exploration club who want to prove the existence of ghosts.

Directed by Yoo Sun-Don, the movie stars Yoon-young Choi, Shin Joo-Hwan, Eun-ji Jung (from K-pop girl band Apink), Won-Chang Jung and Sung-yeol Lee.


Members of a paranormal exploration club go to an abandoned house in the remote small town of Uha-ri, in the North Gyeongsang Province city of Sangju, to prove the existence of a ghost using radio frequency-based technology. Unfortunately, the young students unwittingly become the ghost’s host…


” …if you are easily scared or overly interested in the K-pop world then 0.0MHz movie is ideal for you to watch. However, if you are a horror fanatic and want to have endless serenity, we feel that this movie will definitely not satisfy your taste.” Rollo di Pelicula [translated from Malaysian]

0.0 MHz is adapted from a hugely popular webtoon (online comic) created by Jang Jak, which garnered notoriety for its graphic and legitimately unsettling imagery. The film’s efforts to recapture that success falls flat, as flimsy CG visuals and deafening audio fail to compensate for a lack of atmosphere or tension.” South China Morning Post

Technical details:

101 minutes


0.0 MHz was released in South Korea on 29 May 2019.


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